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"The change has been revolutionary for our team"

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What are the hidden costs of HRMS?

We asked industry experts for their advice on avoiding the pitfalls of new HR software.

"It’s refreshing to work with a system that can be so easily configured to meet our complex needs."

Managing the employee lifecycle is made easy thanks to XCD’s cloud-based HR software.

This single solution payroll and HR platform  will help you manage your time more effectively, acting as both payroll and HR software, integrating AI-powered analytics and cutting admin time by up to 70%.

XCD could be a great core HR solution for your business, with the ability to manage the employee lifecycle right from the time you hire to the time they retire, and at every stage in between. XCD’s HR systems eliminate the worry about mistakes or missed information by removing the need for manual data transfers and the reliance on old spreadsheets that can become corrupt, accidentally deleted by human error or accessed inappropriately.

The AI-powered HR systems and payroll software will provide you complete peace of mind, taking care of the heavy tasks so you can concentrate on your people. XCD’s global and enterprise HCM software solutions have one login and easy to use intuitive interfaces with a short learning curve, putting a complete suite of HR software in the palm of your hand.


“XCD is a powerful HR tool - one of the most powerful tools I've used in my 10 years in HR."
Michael Casanova, HR & Recruitment Manager, epos Now

XCD HR and Payroll capabilities

"It’s stripped out a lot of admin and been a huge benefit for us."


We know that an innovative workforce can only be effective if managing time well is at the heart of every decision.

With the auto-enrolment and workforce management options XCD offers, giving your employees autonomy over their HR information has never been easier.

Having talent management, performance management, and payroll information at the click of a button means you’ll always be able to run recruitment campaigns to find the right people, reward them well, and pay them on time. With XCD’s easy to use and intuitive HR service platform, you can provide a responsive and personalised experience for every employee.

  • Empower employees

    Ensure self-service engagement by providing a consistent, intuitive user experience.
  • Nurture engagement

    Deliver responsive, personalised employee experience where nothing slips through the cracks.
  • Pay your people with no fuss

    Easily configure benefit and reward. Process complex Payroll up to 50% faster with XCD.
  • Reclaim wasted time

    Eliminate up to 70% of the admin load from day-to-day HR with global mobile self-service and data automation.
  • Deliver board-level strategy

    Drive positive change and provide board-level strategic consultation with access to real-time insight and analytics.
  • Make talent a priority

    Easily track, measure and analyse performance and improve organisational productivity by up to 10%.

"It’s a lot simpler, it looks a lot better, and it’s a lot slicker."

Getting the job done is crucial, but ensuring that you're invested in your people is equally as important. In a world where more and more roles are being automated and going digital, you need to make sure your employees feel like they have a personal touch. By having the best HR software, you will ensure that every employee in your workforce feels like a human being, not a human resource.

With XCD’s deep level AI-supported human resource information systems (HRIS) working in the background, you will be able to track the progress of your employees and your talent acquisitions in one place. This allows for a more agile and responsive team environment, whether you work in the office, in multiple offices across multiple sites, or if you’re a remote team needing a fully online HR software solution.

With the popularity of working from home and remote teams ever-increasing, we have ensured that our recruitment and onboarding software is a fully functioning service. This includes cutting edge recruitment screening software as part of the XCD offering, helping you to improve your processes and discover the best talent for your organisation using one single system that works.

Worries over completing payroll will be a thing of the past, as the smart payroll system will allow you to complete the job in record time, speeding up the process by nearly 50% on average. It doesn’t stop there. As part of our single-solution focus we have included expenses management software to keep everything in one place, creating a seamless experience for all..

XCD’s human resource management system has been translated into 16 languages and is available in 35 countries, and loved by over 30,000 users. Will you be one of them?

  • Employees

    A single destination for Employee Relationship Management.

  • Payroll & Reward

    Smart Payroll system enables up to 50% faster processing. 

  • Time & Expenses

    Powerful automation and self-service options put repetitive administrative processes in the background. 

  • Reporting & Analytics

    Harness the value in your people data with automated reports and AI-powered analytics. 

XCD Mobile HR Software
  • 30,000 users

  • 35 countries

  • 16 languages

  • No.1 cloud platform

XCD Success Stories

Here are some of the ways organisations are using XCD to help them deliver better HR & Payroll. 

  • Saco Apartments

    How did Edyn streamline admin and take back control?

    XCD worked with Edyn Group, formerly Saco apartments, to save almost a week each month in administration time and empower employees to self-serve.
    • 70 Hours
    • 300+ People
    • 5 Offices
  • B. Braun People

    A bespoke performance management system to increase productivity

    B. Braun needed a bespoke performance management solution to help them increase productivity by 10%. XCD HR Software was the answer.
    • 10% Boost
    • 360° Reviews
    • 800 People
  • Eastleigh Borough Council

    Why Eastleigh chose XCD to achieve financial savings of 20%

    Eastleigh were tasked with saving £4.7m as part of a major cost saving initiative. Reviewing the HR technology was part of the project.
    • 20% Saved
    • 450 People
    • 100 Remote

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