B. Braun Medical: How do you measure cultural change?

“XCD provided the flexibility we needed, a totally bespoke system, tailored to fit our specific business requirements."

Matthew Metcalfe, Business Technology Manager

One of the world’s leading healthcare technology firms needed a bespoke performance management system that would help them increase their productivity by 10%.


B. Braun Medical is a 180-year-old business whose products help protect and improve people’s health.

Within their mission to achieve market leader status, part of the company’s growth plan included a 10% productivity boost for every employee, over 60,000 people globally.

A huge cultural change was implemented, but how would it be measured?


Crucially, they wanted a system that would conform to B. Braun’s established ways of working, minimising disruption and ensuring a smooth implementation process.

B. Braun’s challenged us to configure a system that would motivate employees to track and improve their own performance.

Key stakeholders within B. Braun helped us design a unique customisation of XCD’s existing Core HR and Payroll modules to meet their complex requirements, ensuring it mapped perfectly onto the company’s existing performance processes.


B. Braun’s Learning and Development Manager Nicola Childs says:

“We wanted something easy to use, that wouldn’t get in the way of the conversation but would be sophisticated enough to deliver the complex 360° measurements we needed. XCD does just that. Their experience in performance management also helped us define our system requirements and their pragmatic approach ensured we got the solution we needed.”

Innovative elements included:

-Full mobile accessibility, so employees could check their productivity progress anywhere, any time
-Salesforce integration, where objectives, opportunities and events were linked directly to sales targets
-'Job well done' peer-to-peer function to provide a transparent, measurable channel for cross-team feedback
-Performance gamification mechanics with objectives transparently linked to reward bonuses

As rollout proceeds to the firm’s global workforce, B. Braun’s employees are now being incentivised to take direct control of their own performance management, tracking their success, progression and objective-achievement in real time.

Matthew Metcalfe, Business Technology Manager at B. Braun, says:

"We were shocked by the lack of configurability on offer from most suppliers. Fortunately, XCD provided the flexibility we needed, a totally bespoke system, tailored to fit our specific business requirements.”

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