Chase de Vere

Real time HR information at the touch of a button for independent financial advice firm

Everything you would traditionally have within an
employee paper based file can now be
contained within the one system.

Gillian Horley, HR Systems and Informations Officer, Chase de Vere

Chase de Vere is an award winning national firm delivering financial advice to individuals and businesses. With over 200 highly qualified independent financial advisers, the organisation  has 450 employees across 13 sites, with offices based in major cities and key financial centres, and advisors covering the whole of the UK.


Chase de Vere’s internal HR software was 10 years old and the team wanted to replace it and incorporate payroll into the new system.

They were working with three standalone systems – holiday and absence, personnel and payroll - and wanted to streamline the way HR worked without losing any of the functionality.

Employee self-service was high on the wish list too, as it made sense for the way the business operated. As a growing business, Chase de Vere wanted a high functioning HR solution that would help them meet ambitious goals.

“We had a huge requirements document, and initially looked at over 100 companies. We chose XCD because they could do it all, and we loved their flexibility. I can make the system work the way I want.”

Gillian Horley, HR Systems and Informations Officer, Chase de Vere


We initially configured our core HR product to get self-service up and running and reintroduce HR into the business. This was followed with the introduction of payroll, to offer one complete single HR and Payroll solution.

"Everything you would traditionally have within a paper based employee file can now be contained within the one system. I’ve got the ability to store documents and correspondence, everything is in one place. That’s the advantage, and it’s the same for our employees. They have self-service access so they can also look at previous performance appraisals themselves.

We have our HR policies and procedures saved within the system so they can see all of this in one place. This includes standard internal forms, any kind of forms they might need to notify us of things; they’re all in the system. As for team charts and organisational charts, I used to have to do them in PowerPoint and update them all the time, now it’s just automatic."

Gillian Horley, HR Systems and Informations Officer, Chase de Vere


Efficiency, control and visibility have been achieved within Chase de Vere.

Real time HR information is available at the touch of a button to those who require it, and the system can grow to support Chase de Vere’s longer term goals.

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