SABMiller PLC 

The success of this project is largely due to the way in which the project was managed from start to finish: an agreed requirement, a phased implementation, a dedicated account manager and a company which shared our vision and understood our requirements.

                               Roger Fairhead, Group Compensation & Benefits Director

SABMiller are the world’s second largest brewer with 70,000 employees in more than 80 countries, from Australia to Zambia, Colombia to the Czech Republic and South Africa to the USA.

SABMiller are passionate about brewing and have a long tradition of craftsmanship, producing 200 beers that are freshly brewed from locally-grown ingredients and only sold in their country of origin, as well as internationally famous beers such as Peroni Nastro Azzurro, Pilsner Urquell, Miller Genuine Draft and Grolsch.

A FTSE-20 company with shares trading on the London Stock Exchange, every minute of every day, more than 140,000 bottles of SABMiller beer are sold globally.


SABMiller had grown through acquisition over the years resulting in a complex mix of local HRIS systems. As a result there was no single global HR system for managing the Senior Management Team comprising around 2,000 employees worldwide, with HR having to manually monitor, agree and communicate compensation, performance management, talent management and succession planning on a global basis across 80 countries.

This process was managed using a variety of Excel spreadsheets which had to be regularly updated locally, consolidated regionally and globally, then sense-checked to ensure accuracy of data and to avoid duplication of records. This was very time consuming and prone to errors.

The challenge was to build a cloud HR solution which could be accessed anywhere, anytime by the global, regional and local HR teams to manage the following processes:

  • HR reporting and governance
  • Pay reviews
  • Long-term incentive awards
  • Succession planning
  • Performance monitoring
  • Bonus awards
  • Talent reviews


The Group Compensation & Benefits Director, Roger Fairhead, had a clear vision for a cloud based solution which could meet these requirements. A detailed specification was agreed internally and a project team was put in place to select the right vendor and oversee the implementation.

XCD was awarded the contract because we were a small but agile team who had both the HR and technical expertise to design, build, implement and support the required solution. Speed of implementation, flexibility, a personal touch and the credibility of the Salesforce platform were also key factors in the selection process.


The project was phased and implemented using an Agile Project Methodology with the first phase completed within three months.

With a dedicated Account Manager. XCD continues to add additional functionality and support for the team with data uploads, workflow, alerts, reports and dashboards when required.

The end solution, known across SABMiller as HRIS Lite, is the only HR system in the company which can be accessed by all members of the HR team across the globe with instant access to the employee data across all 80 countries.

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