Cloud HR – Delivering business value

In 2015, HR needs to ensure it has accurate management information and analytics to position itself as a strategic business partner. Cloud HR systems can deliver real value to a business, but this is dictated, in part, by the working relationship between a CIO and HR Director – together they need to map out the requirements of the business to ensure the right HR systems and procedures are implemented to achieve the business’ strategic objectives.

Cloud HR solutions can be user friendly, simplify and automate admin processes and offer real time reporting functionality. They can also reap substantial rewards in terms of saved time, effort and energy across both HR & IT departments. Not only can a cloud HR solution have a positive impact on HR & IT, but most importantly, it can hugely benefit the workforce, allowing employees to work remotely, flexibly and more effectively.

Accordingly to the Salary Survey (by Robert Walter) HR professionals are due to receive, on average, a 5% rise in salary in 2015. Candidates are in high demand and employees with strong backgrounds in MI and analytics are especially sought after to ensure companies keep up with regulatory pressures. It seems that job offers for strong candidates with this skill set are likely to increase due to scarcity within the sector.

As this illustrates, new HR technology is extremely important for HR, IT, employees and consequently a business as a whole. A wealth of data can be collected with minimal effort, enabling real transparency ultimately allowing HR to make more informed and better decisions and therefore maximising the value it delivers to the business.

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