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If you're looking to transform the way your team works, minimise time spent on administration tasks and concentrate on the bigger picture, ultimately reducing costs, XCD is the human resources software for you.

"XCD is one of the most powerful tools I've used in my 10 years in HR."
Michael Casanova, HR & Recruitment Manager, epos Now

Looking for great benefits and ROI?

  • Data automation has saved customers 1000's of hours per year
  • 5.5 days per month can be saved on reporting
  • Global HR software allows you to provide better support to the business at a strategic level

Find out how Enstar added even more strategic value when they implemented XCD here.

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Core HR

Self-ServiceSelf-Service Portal

An employee self-service system allows you to dramatically speed up processes and decrease the likelihood of errors.

  • Employee and manager self-service with very little or no input from human resources
  • Intuitive design for fantastic user experience
  • Manage records anywhere, anytime
  • Reduce time spent chasing incomplete records
  • Provide new employees access before start date to input personal details
ReportingReal Time Reporting

With all of your data in one place, providing one central source of truth, you can now deliver real-time, accurate reporting at the click of a button.

  • Accurate reporting anywhere, anytime and on any scale with over 100 human resources reports as standard
  • Executive Reports give instant access to key dashboards and one-click access to top human resources reports
  • GDPR reporting facilities - who sees what and deletion management
  • Accurately report on Gender Pay Gap
XCD Real-time reporting
Automated WorkflowsAutomated Workflows

Reduce admin tasks with automated workflows, which simplify processes, reduce errors and drastically reduce output.

  • Quick start employee setup
  • Automated reminders to alert your employees and managers on key dates
  • Fully automated contract termination for those leaving the business
Absence ManagementAbsence and Leave

Easy to manage leave and absence using our absence management software. Employee and manager self-service takes the duty away from human resources and simply allows for outstanding reporting and trend analysis.

  • Company leave rules match your organisational requirements - regardless of how many countries or companies are involved
  • Set up triggers and alerts to identify trends, or use the built-in Bradford Score Report
  • Gain a snapshot or detailed view of all leave and absence by company, team or individual
  • All leave calculated automatically, saving thousands of hours per year
XCD Absence and Leave Management

Take complete control of your time using our calendars, providing an overview of everything you, your managers and your employees need to know.

  • Improved user experience, allowing users to see the information they need in the simplest format
  • Integrates seamlessly with Outlook and Google Calendars
  • Tailored calendar views, colour coordinated to highlight absence, out of office and more
XCD Calender
SecurityData Access and Security

Outstanding security for all of your data - as part of the Salesforce platform, we can boast being a part of the most trusted cloud security in the world.

  • Tailored views for each set of users - confidential data stays confidential
  • System audit logs track administrator setup actions
  • Sharing audit provides check and control to ensure data sharing is correct
XCD Data security access management
DashboardCompany Dashboard

Have all of your company updates in one place, with one view for your employees. 

  • Message board
  • Featured staff profile(s)
  • Job vacancies
  • Social Media activity
  • Calendar of important dates
Company Dashboard XCD HR Software

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