Don’t underestimate the importance of ease of use…

It can be a big step for companies to invest in HR software and when I say big step I mean the hoops you have to jump through to get the need understood and the budget signed-off. Then of course you will need to embark on the selection process and come to a united conclusion as to which product to choose.

Whichever HR system you go with, ultimately it must fulfil your needs and quite simply, make your life easier. At the end of the day, you wouldn’t have begun this process without having significant ‘pain points’ within your HR department, knowing that an HR system will help to alleviate these issues.

As obvious and as simple as it may sound, it’s imperative to have a system which is extremely easy to use.

User interface Of course you will try before you buy and so make sure you look out for an intuitive design and user interface, which means both employees and managers can pick-up the system with little or no training. Even the simple items are important including the incorporation of visual icons to facilitate immediate understanding, for example, calendar, traffic lights and star ratings.Automation Automation of core processes ensures you can save precious time by leaving the paper behind and focusing on the strategic side of your department. This is one of the most important elements of a system because this is where you free up the time to really make a real difference when it comes to managing people within a business. Imagine how it would feel to have automated processes for joiners and leavers and the entire performance management process, to name but a few.Inline edit for Administrators for quick and easy data entry With many systems, to make changes to a specific record (for example leave or next of kin), a user has to go through various steps, including clicking on the item, editing, making the changes and then saving. However, having the ability to make changes ‘inline’ enables a much easier and quicker experience as you are able to change details from a list view.Data validated on entry to keep data clean Data should be clean before it actually goes into a system. So it’s imperative for this data to be checked before ‘go-live’. For example, before we input any data into XCD we’ll check and double check for all manner of data errors. For example, do all National Insurance numbers have nine characters? Do all British telephone numbers begin with ‘0’? Do all sort codes contain six numbers? And so on…..Once the data has been checked, any errors will be highlighted to the client.Help… And of course we mustn’t forget extensive online help to ensure this is your first port of call when you come across any issues. And of course this should be backed-up with a support department you can call when the going really gets tough…For more information on the XCD system please contact us now.Ease of use is at the heart of our design and is based on a combination of HR best practice, user feedback and the ever evolving smart tools available on the Salesforce platform. Salesforce Administrators will know the art of the possible. If you’re already a Salesforce customer, why not pop along to this year’s Dreamforce, their annual event where Salesforce customers, partners and developers participate to share knowledge on upcoming features. And in their own words…Last year was awesome, but the best is yet to come:

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