Some Headline

We set out to build HR system our business needed,
We started with a vision of using cloud computing technology to
transform the way HR is delivered to drive business success

One View

All of your key HR information on one screen, within one platform and with only one login. Information at anytime, anywhere and fro any device.

Integrated Solution

Fully integrated, highly configurable and scalable cloud HR & Payroll Solution for mid-sized companies and public sector.

Save time, work smart

Self service, automated workflows and reports at the click of a button using up-to-date data, allows your entire HR Team to work smarter.

Build it your way incrementally

We like to call the pick and mix approach - Start simply and, as you begin to grow, include further modules and scale to meet your changing needs. Or we can easily tailor the solution to suit your processes.

Data Security

Based on the world's most trusted cloud-based enterprise system, Salesforce, data security needn't be a concern.

Low cost of ownership over time

No hidden costs, no added surprises, you will benefit from an enterprise solution at a fraction of the cost.

Exceptional Support

You are never alone with XCD HR. Our professional team will work with you every step of the way.