HR Themes and Glossary

Here you can find definitions for all the terms used in the wonderful world of HR and a dive into some of the main themes of HR!

HR Themes

  • “To us XCD is the #1 native Salesforce HR Solution.”
    Jaap Broekers, Cloudteam Company

    Salesforce for HR
  • It's not about ticking boxes; it's about creating a welcoming, inclusive, and productive workplace for everyone.

    Diversity and Inclusion
  • The rise of cloud-based, AI-powered technology solutions has been a game-changer for HR professionals around the world.

    HR Technology
  • The team at XCD have compiled together a list of useful resources and articles regarding HR.

    General HR

  • From talent acquisition insights to employee turnover analysis, these resources bring together essential insights about recruitment and onboarding.

    Recruitment and Onboarding
  • XCD has put together a range of useful resources on the topic of HR strategy. Below, you can read our insights and watch out webinars to learn more about the importance of strategy in the future of HR. 

    HR Strategy
  • Innovations in technology, analytics, and automation have changed the game for HR. The advent of powerful HR technology using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data has brought new HR capabilities and empowered us to better provide the all-important human element that should always be at the heart of HR. 

    Digital Transformation
  • Payroll is one of the functions that many organisations choose to outsource, but bringing it in-house can make it more efficient and accurate.

    Payroll Insights

  • HR reporting and analytics are key parts of every HR department's workload. Understanding and analysing your organisation's people data is key to gain insights into how your business operates. Human Resources can use data from HR reports and people analytics to improve employee engagement, productivity and efficiency. 

    HR Reporting and Analytics
  • Employee wellbeing is a key issue for all organisations, employers and HR professionals. XCD have created a wealth of resources on how HR can ensure and improve employee wellbeing in your organization.

    Employee Wellbeing
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