360 Degree Review

360 Degree Review – a system of feedback which allows certain employees to evaluate other employee’s performance at work.

Organisations may also choose to hire external consultants to administer surveys, usually when managers are receiving a 360 review from their teams. The consultants then analyse and share the data with the managers, or with the manager and their staff in some cases where it is appropriate. Following this, the manager is expected to implement the constructive feedback for themselves and their team members into the way they all work, to enhance their performance in the workplace and the overall satisfaction and productivity of their team. In some companies or teams that have built a culture of respect and trust, employees provide 360 feedback directly to each other, without the manager as a go-between.

No matter how the 360 feedback is collected and shared to employees, you must always be sure to make the feedback is as descriptive and constructive as possible so that the employee has something tangible to improve on. Being too basic or general won’t help. It’s also highly important to keep in mind remember that how you introduce, monitor, and evaluate the effectiveness of the 360 reviews is critical to its success.

It should also be held in mind what employee’s different circumstances are. If for example an employee has only recently returned to work after a drawn out period of absence, or the manager is aware that they are currently experiencing difficulties in their personal life then care should be taken to make sure the feedback given to them takes this into account.

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