Change Management Model

Change Management Model – This phrase is used to refer to concepts, frameworks and theories that offer in-depth, strategic systems for the creation and implementation of major change within a company. A change management model can be thought of as a guide or a compass to navigate an organisation through transformational change.

There are many Change Management Models out there, with some of the most popular including Lewin’s Change Management Model, Nudge Theory, ADKAR model for Change, and the Satir Change Management Model.

As significant change within a company can be challenging, it often requires many levels of cooperation and may involve different independent entities. Developing a structured approach to change has proven to be incredibly useful in ensuring a beneficial transition while minimising challenges and friction.

Changes can often fail because the promoters of the change did not attend to the inevitable, real and predictable reactions of normal people to disturbance of their routines. Clear communication is one of the most important factors for successful and effective change management. All individuals involved must be in an absolute, mutual understanding of the progress through the various stages of a Change Management Model.

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