DEI&B – stands for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging in the workplace. This is the idea that if a company is diverse, inclusive, and fosters a culture of equity, that employees will feel a sense of belonging in the workplace.

Some may feel diversity, equity, and inclusion all sound like very similar concepts, but, there are key differences that should be noted. As a breakdown:

Diversity - ensuring a diversity of people. This includes diversity of genders, ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations, religions, economic backgrounds, and more. Ensuring all levels of the company – not just the junior staff – are diverse.

Equity – while equality means providing the same for all staff, equity means recognising differences and that we do not all start from the same place, so the opportunities and support provided should be adjusted to bear that in mind.

Inclusion – means making sure the diverse members of your organisation are included and given a voice. This is why it’s important for diversity to be spread across all levels and departments of your organisation, so their perspective is included in every conversation.

The belonging is added at the end to emphasise the point that even if great efforts are put in to create a culture which holds values of diversity, equity, and inclusion at its core, if people it the room don’t feel as if they belong then it’s not been successful. You can measure the feeling of belonging in your employees by talking to them regularly and creating spaces where they feel comfortable discussing any of their constructive ideas and criticisms.

Diversity and Inclusion are one of HR’s top priorities, learn more here.

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