Diversity Management

Diversity Management – A process within the workplace utilised to create an environment and culture which is diverse and inclusive. Strategies are implemented in hiring, management, training, and more. The aims of diversity management are to promote fairness and equality in the workplace, as well as leverage the bonuses a diverse workforce can bring. For example, the more diverse a workforce is, the broader it’s range of backgrounds, perspective and skill will be, bringing more innovative ideas into the business.

A diverse workforce is achieved by hiring people from diverse backgrounds. This means developing inclusive recruitment strategies which include implementing anti-discriminatory hiring processes such as CV anonymisation. Hiring a diverse is the first step, but maintaining a diverse workforce is the next. You need to provide safe spaces for honest and sometimes difficult conversations about diversity, mandatory diversity and inclusion training for all employees, and commitment from senior leaders. Technology can be a major player in helping you achieve this.

When you are creating an inclusion strategy for your company it cannot simply be a token gesture or a quick fix. Diversity management needs to be an integral part of your company’s culture and values, which takes time, effort and education. Only after this can the true benefits of diverse backgrounds management in the workplace be realized.

Learn how to build a more diverse and inclusive workplace here.

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