Employee Wellbeing

Employee wellbeing is a key issue for all organisations, employers and HR professionals. XCD have created a wealth of resources on how HR can ensure and improve employee wellbeing in your organization.

Ensuring the health and wellbeing of your employees is crucial to maintain employee engagement and motivation and improve productivity in the workplace. This page contains many resources to help HR assess and improve the wellbeing of their employees, including wellbeing strategies, ideas for programs and downloadable insights.

Employee Experience and Employee Wellbeing

HR should be keen to observe their employees' experience (EX) in the workplace as it is a key factor in the overall wellbeing of the workforce. Employees that benefit from a positive experience in their work are statistically more engaged in their work due to improved wellbeing and as a result, more invested in the organization. 

Find our guide on improving employee experience, with ideas on the different HR processes which can impact EX and how to effectively measure the experience of your people.

Discover exactly what your employees think about your organisation and how to improve both their experience and wellbeing in the workplace by asking the right questions in employee satisfaction surveys. 

Effective stress management is key for Human Resources to ensure and support employee wellbeing. Not only this, managing stress levels for your employees improves morale, productivity and employee engagement in the workplace.

Every employer will have a first-aider for physical health onsite. But investing in mental health support for your people is a crucial component of improving employee health and wellbeing in the long-term, both in your organization and beyond. 

Resources available: 

Download our full resource on the state of employee experience in the workplace post-pandemic, and why there's a disparity between employers and employees' opinions on the matter. 

The Role of Technology in Employee Wellbeing

Technology, namely Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS) and HR software systems are game-changers for human resources to use employee data to improve wellbeing in the workplace. Using HRMS technology, HR teams can optimise their workforce management capabilities to ensure employee's health and wellbeing in the workplace. 

Discover how software can help HR to nurture employee wellbeing by enabling effective people analytics to improve wellbeing, including automated performance tracking and employee relationship management. 

Software is often seen as the antithesis of human, but HR technology is where these combine. Whether its concerns over  performance management or payroll, HRMS solutions can support the mental health of your staff in many HR processes. 

Ensuring Employee Wellbeing During Remote and Hybrid Working

Remote and Hybrid working have brought many benefits for employee wellbeing, namely, work life balance. But remote working has brought its challenges too. Over the course of the COVID pandemic, employee wellbeing has been at the centre of discussions surrounding remote working. Ensuring the wellbeing and mental health of your employees has never been more important. 

Hybrid working has become the norm for most organisations over the last couple of years, but what have we learned from hybrid working? And how does Hybrid working impact the wellbeing and work-life balance of your employees?

Motivated employees are good for employers, management and HR alike, but maintaining motivation remotely is a challenge. Motivation is a key indicator of your employee's wellbeing, so utilise your HRMS software to keep motivation high remotely.

Building company culture is a key strategy for HR leaders to instil the wellbeing and wellness of its employees as core values for your organisation. For HR, building company culture remotely is a challenge which can be assisted using HRMS systems. 

The return to the workplace post-pandemic is a concern for many employees. For HR,  it key that management of the return to work ensures employee health and wellness at its core. 

How can your HRMS help HR to ensure and improve employee wellbeing in your workforce?

HRMS and HR software systems can be key tools to help HR improve the health and wellbeing of their employees. By automating time consuming administrative tasks, HRMS enables HR to spend more time creating strategies, initiatives and wellness programs which can be beneficial for staff health and wellbeing. 

XCD's cloud-based HR and Payroll single solution is a powerful HRMS software platform which can give HR the tools they need to implement effective health and wellbeing strategies and initiatives in an organisation. Human Resources management systems can provide support in many areas of employee health and wellbeing, from the management of stress to financial wellbeing and security with payroll functionalities. 

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