ERM – (Employee Relationship Management) refers to building stronger relationships between employees, employers, and HR. This can involve Human Resources focusing on a range of things including:

Open and honest communication, which is crucial to establishing strong and mutually respectful employee relationships, both with each other as well as with their employer. Managers must be committed to communicating regularly and honestly with all employees about the issues that could have an influence on their life at work. Learn more about how workplace relationships impact employee experience here.

Employee Growth. One-to-one check ins throughout the year to keep a proper handle on how satisfied your employees are with where they are and where they feel they are heading with their career is important for ERM. Growth can look different for each individual employee, so keeping in touch with them each directly is key.

Measuring results, as it’s paramount that employee satisfaction is measured as well as an employee’s performance. These can also be intertwined, as the more content and fulfilled an employee is in their workplace, the more likely they are to invest their time, talent and energy into producing the best work they possibly can. These can be monitored through missed deadlines, excessive sick days, formal complaints and more.

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