HR Processes

HR Processes – The core functions of any HR department. This can include, but is not limited to, recruitment, payroll, training, and managing internal relationships. There are many benefits of automating your HR processes, including improving the efficiency and margin of error.

This can ripple out positive effects on your recruitment, employee retention and employee satisfaction. For example, when it comes to recruitment some statistics show that top candidates are on the market for just 10 days before finding a new role. Yet according to LinkedIn, the average time to hire in the UK is 41 days. Therefore, by removing manual processes not only at recruitment stages, but also with onboarding and nurturing employee satisfaction during their time at the company, you can not only reduce stress on your HR team, but also stand to gain when it comes to your employees and new hires.

It's important to note the difference between HR processes and systems. An HR system is a unified whole made up of lots of different, interdependent processes. An HR management system encompasses all HR processes, creating a connected unit so your organisation can manage your workforce and deliver the best products and service possible.

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