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Payroll is one of the functions that many organisations choose to outsource, but bringing it in-house can make it more efficient and accurate.

On this page, you'll find links to articles and videos with useful insights about payroll and how cloud-based software can streamline your payroll processes.

Introduction to Payroll

Payroll is the process and department responsible for ensuring that employees get the right pay and benefits to compensate them for their work. This can include complex calculations and deductions so it's important to get it right for every employee. 

Yet, many organisations still spend many unnecessary hours manually managing payroll and are prone to calculation errors. Payroll mistakes can have a damaging impact on employee experience and can even lead employees wanting to leave the organisation - one survey found that almost half of US employees will start searching for a new job after experiencing just two problems with their pay

In these articles and resources, XCD takes a look at the changing and increasingly important role of payroll and how using payroll software can increase accuracy and compliance to future-proof your organisation.

Why is accurate payroll so important? And why do so many organisations find it challenging? Mistakes in payroll can erode employees' trust and damage their engagement, so what can we do to ensure that all payroll calculations and deductions are accurate? Find out in this article by Lindsay Aspinall at our partner Symatrix

Ever-changing tax legislation, Real Time Information (RTI) auto-enrolment, and growing stacks of admin tasks provide a challenge for the payroll team. Business adviser and consultant Stuart Hall writes on how payroll systems can be streamlined and enhanced. 

For effectively managing Real Time Information (RTI) PAYE payments and deductions, HMRC-recognised software is a game changer. In this article, discover how XCD's HMRC compliant payroll software can speed up processing time by up to 50%.

Learn how automated payroll software can boost security and compliance, eliminate payslip errors, streamline employee onboarding and offboarding, and save time. Using payroll software to automate certain processes means that your HR and payroll professional's time is freed up to focus on their more important work. 

Single HR and Payroll

There are a range of HR and Payroll software providers on the market, but not all solutions are created equal. In these resources, we take a look at the different types of HR and Payroll software and why a true single solution is preferable to separate HR software and payroll software, or a system that claims to integrate payroll services with HR software.  

A single solution HR and Payroll software versus an integrated software: which is better? This article looks at the advantages of choosing a true single solution that combines HR and payroll in one cloud-based system. Learn how choosing a provider that offers a single solution can boost efficiency, reduce errors, provide better analytics and reporting functionalities, better ensure HMRC and GDPR compliance, and provide many other benefits for both your HR and your payroll departments. 

XCD software can manage payroll for employees across their entire employee lifecycle, from their first payslip to their pension. Want to learn more about how it works? Watch XCD Payroll Product Manager Tim Scott demonstrate how he uses our payroll software's great functionalities to complete payroll quickly and effectively. 

Richard Dutton from Symatrix explains the best practice approach to payroll, emphasising how Symatrix's BPO Managed Payroll Service allows payroll staff to focus on creating value rather than processing data. Symatrix's BPO Managed Payroll Service is now responsible for the payment of over 250,000 BACS transactions - learn more here. 

Payroll FAQs

Is cloud software better than on-premises for payroll?

When it comes to HR and Payroll software, one of the biggest questions is whether to go for a cloud or on-premises solution. For future-proofing your organisation, increasing accessibility, and giving your business a competitive edge, a payroll system hosted in the cloud is the way to go. Read our full guide to the benefits of cloud-based over on-premises software here

Is cloud payroll and HR software secure?

Some people may be anxious about security and compliance when all HR and payroll data is stored in the cloud, but in reality it's totally secure. XCD payroll software is built on Salesforce, which means it benefits from Salesforce's multi-million dollar security investment. 

Who uses XCD's HR and Payroll solution?

XCD's software for HR and Payroll is designed for use by organisations with 250+ employees. It's suited to organisations in the public, commercial, and not-for-profit sectors. View our case studies to learn how businesses, local councils, and charities have used XCD's software for payroll. 

How much time can XCD software save you on Payroll?

Our payroll solution can save significant amounts of time on payroll, depending on your organisation's current processes. For example, implementing our HMRC compliant payroll tool allowed Executive Serviced Apartments to decrease payroll processing time by 87%, helping them save 60 days of work each year.  Moreover, for holiday company Alpine Elements, XCD's software has saved one week out of every month on payroll processing for their many seasonal employees. 

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