Talent Analytics

Talent Analytics – the use of software technology to analyse employee data to better inform business decisions and strategies.  The use of talent analytics has increased in popularity over the years, as organisations look for data to back up or guide them towards the best decisions for company growth and success. The great resignation has also prompted many to realise the significant role employee satisfaction and retention have in relation to this, and so have started using talent analytics to improve their strategies for employee experience.

Talent analytics have been proven to make a significant difference, with Bain & Company research finding a 40% disparity between the productivity of companies who’d invested in talent focused analytics, and those that didn’t.

Talent analytics can allow you to implement real change. For example, as talent analytics can allow you to track staff turnovers for individual managers it gives you insight as to which managers are performing well when it comes to nurturing employee satisfaction and retention, and which are struggling. It’s a well-known phrase that “People leave their managers, not their job” so it was no surprise when, last November, LinkedIn undertook research and discovered that teams with a strong management team often had a much lower staff turnover than others.

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