4 Benefits of Automating HR and Payroll Processes

One of the key benefits of implementing HR and Payroll software into your organisation is the automation of processes, and many providers will talk about how much time you can save and the reduction of administration available to you.

And we’re no different.

The reason for this is because it really is true – we’ve seen some of our clients literally save thousands of hours each year through the reduction of admin within their teams. We’ve experienced many payroll departments shaving more than a week off their payroll monthly run, and we’ve helped clients increase performance by 10%, company-wide.

But not all automation is the same.

If your processes are all paper based, even the most basic of systems will be an improvement, but it’s important to think longer term. While it could be an improvement today, how will you feel about it in six months? Will basic self-service and the ability to automate emails be enough to support your business case, or will you be looking to change again in the near future?

Having a real understanding of some of the key organisational benefits of HR software, allows you to build a strong business case, ensure future proofing of the department and dramatically improve HR and Payroll efficiency and output.

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Four important benefits you really should consider:

Increased Security and Compliance

It’s amazing how many organisations are still using paper-based processes for information such as personal details, leave requests, performance, salary amendments and payroll changes. So if this is you, you are not alone. But even using email for sensitive information such as bank details can pose some serious security risks, and with GDPR in full force, it’s never been more important to ensure your security and compliance is watertight.

When using digital documents, requests and highly functional self-service you not only avoid manually handling any personal or sensitive information, but you benefit from audit logs, authorised access and even version control where needed for documentation. Not only that, real time updates mean there is no delay in HR and Payroll accessing the relevant information, and no risk of lost paperwork or delays in passing data across.


Reduction in Payroll Errors

One of the dreaded things that can happen for your people is an error with their payroll. Not only does having multiple systems or a manual process make payroll a tedious and complex task, it is prone to errors of many kinds.

When this happens, it isn’t simply the onerous task of finding the route of the problem that payroll has to deal with, there is the challenge of back-dating errors and resolving the issue entirely.

Automating your payroll processes when you have a single HR and payroll solution means all of the data needed is already there, ready to press the pay run button. And when you do, you should get alerts with any potential issues or changes, meaning that you can resolve them prior to the final pay run.

The result? Happy people, who are getting paid with no issues, and a happy CFO who will see a reduction in the costly errors.

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Improved Recruitment and Onboarding

With the vast amount of admin and problem solving that HR and Payroll are often burdened with, recruitment and onboarding sometimes don’t get the attention they deserve. And when they do, it’s common that a lot of time is spent manually sifting through CV’s, liaising with colleagues via email and responding to applicants.

Automation can really help not only reduce the burden of doing all of these things, but dramatically improve your processes overall through identifying recruitment needs, reducing bias in the process, providing C-Suite reporting, incorporating AI for an outstanding user experience and more.

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Consistency across locations

If you have more than one office or store within your organisation, it can be easy for processes to be adopted within individual locations. This might make sense initially but can cause real struggles when it comes to reporting, identifying opportunities and future planning.

Using great HR automation can help create real consistency across all of your locations, improving the real time view globally of all of your offices and providing a clear, fair experience for all of your people, regardless of where they are based.

By using workflows to automate processes, providing excellent self-service and giving individual managers the user-friendly, easy to use tools that they need, HR and Payroll can ensure they have a holistic view of the entire organisation, creating strategic opportunities and assisting future growth.

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