5 Ways to Get the Most from Your HR Tech

As the world of work has proved its case for complexity over the last 20 months, so with it the final nail in the coffin for those organisations, big and small, who’ve failed to grasp the nettle on HR Technology investment.

Which is why we worked with HR influencer, Barry Flack, to create our latest whitepaper: After the Storm: 5 ways to get the most from your HR technology in the post pandemic workplace.

This actionable whitepaper seeks to answer:

  • If complexity (the unpredictable nature of people and markets) is a fact of life, then what are resilient and adaptable organisations, and what part does HR and HR Technology play?
  • How do we install value-creating organisations, capable of resilience against complex factors that can ramp up productivity and get the best out of people?
  • And finally, what is the role of HR technology in this exciting age and how might we develop those first moves into an enterprise technology ecosystem that works for the times we live in?

As well as addressing these questions, the aim is to give HR professionals the confidence, stimulus, and knowledge to kick-start their HR Technology strategy in 2022.

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