Cloud HR solutions and the challenge of systems integration

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The average number of different HR applications we find within organisations is four, while the research revealed many businesses juggling upwards of eight.

Different applications for recruitment, onboarding, payroll and reward, performance management, reporting and analytics… the list goes on.

HR professionals and the employees they support are forced to switch between systems and update multiple databases, often transferring data manually between them.

The inefficiency and inaccuracy this introduces is the driving force behind the trend for organisations to invest in integrated HR software.

The research found that one of the top priorities for HR leaders is the integration of HR systems into current workplace technology.

One solution. One database. One system of record.

Bringing people data into the organisational tech stack, so planners, finance professionals, analysts and forecasters have access to the rich insights it holds. This is a competitive opportunity for businesses willing to invest in integrated, single platform cloud strategy.