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Since then, people across the country have adopted different ways such as pay cuts, furlough and reduced hours to support these changes.

As a result, HR departments have had to quickly navigate extensive new guidance and legislation, interpreting it as best as they can in order to select the right options for their organisation.

Our guide, in partnership with ReThink HR, takes a look at the steps that HR need to take for future planning when considering the new changes to the furlough guidance, workforce planning and long-term objectives.

Zoe Wilson explores the challenges HR is likely to face, what they need to start doing now, and how they can reduce risk in the long-term.


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DISCLAIMER: This document was published on 04 June 2020. This is a fast-moving and constantly changing situation and we have done our best to make the information in the guide accurate at the date of publishing, but recommend that you take professional advice about your own circumstances to ensure that you apply the scheme correctly and benefit from it. The complete Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme guidance can be found here.