Exciting news, our mobile app is now LIVE!

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We have apps for everything these days from online banking and shopping to looking for a new house.

These self-contained programmes are used to enhance the user experience when it comes to carrying out even the most mundane of tasks. Users want quick, efficient ways of accessing information or dealing with the task in hand.

Of course most of our mobile phones have the ability to search for a company or product or access company information via a website. However, mucking about with URL’s and spending time getting to our desired outcome is just not enough….We want access to information NOW and even quicker than ‘now’ if at all possible, especially if we’re having to remember our login details time and faff around getting into our accounts.

And this is exactly the reason we’re extremely excited to announce the launch of the XCD Mobile App!

This will make life even easier for our users and means you can access and submit information wherever you are, be it at home, on the train or even on holiday….

You can view your people directory and book leave quickly and easily. You will also be able to submit your expenses at the ‘tap of a screen’.

Expenses are always seen as an arduous chore and having this tool in the palm of your hand means you can take a photo of your receipt and upload it…..Done, your petrol claim will be on its way before you’ve even left the petrol station.

No more sending photos to yourself by email and going through this lengthy process for each and every claim.

This really is access anytime, anywhere at its best and we are now developing our software to incorporate other modules to ensure an even slicker self-service experience and make life easier for both managers and employees.

The XCD mobile app provides end users with global anytime access to a suite of core self-serve functions.

  • Check holiday entitlement and book leave
  • View payslip
  • Search colleagues and contact details
  • Easily photograph and upload expenses receipts
  • Submit and approve expense claims

To see how it works, book a demo with one of our system experts.

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