How the xcd people platform saves time and improves efficiency

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HR is notoriously over-burdened, a fact so well known it almost goes without saying. From the pandemic’s aftermath to economic troubles to return-to-office mandates – this carousel of issues only adds more workload on top of the BAU tasks that people teams are responsible for.

Because of this, the tools and technology used by HR teams becomes crucial in their success. While HR software can have far reaching abilities when it comes to making complex reports simple, keeping sensitive data secure, and being flexible to the changing landscape of the workplace, one of the most obvious but important ways an HR solution helps HR functions is saving time and boosting efficiency.

Below, we share how four of xcd’s customers saw significant savings and increased efficiency using xcd’s single HR & Payroll solution.

Enstar save over 1000 hours annually

As a result of swift growth due to acquisition, Enstar housed a variety of systems and paper-based processes, resulting in no common way of working and no central source of the truth. It was agreed that a single HR solution would overcome these challenges, centralising all processes and data globally, and automating time-consuming processes.

Following a thorough research and procurement process, xcd were selected due to their capabilities to meet the complex requirements of Enstar, and their ability to truly understand organisational challenges and develop the solution to meet these needs.

Enstar were able to identify clear ROI from the xcd system in a number of different areas, including…

  • Data automation saving the team 1000’s of hours, particularly when calculating leave
  • 5.5 days per month saved on reporting
  • Centralised people data no longer 30 days out of date
  • The first appraisal process since implementation saw a record 97% completed and on time, having only previously reached a maximum of 80%, a high proportion of which were late

Read Enstar’s full case study here.

CAP achieve huge time savings on gender pay gap reporting

A new HR system was a big spend for Christians Against Poverty, and so to ensure the investment paid off, there were three clear factors in CAP’s decision to select xcd as an HRMS provider.  Anna Haldane, CAP’s Change Management Lead, lists them as follows:

“We needed a partner that could meet our requirements, meet us within a price that worked for us, and a partner who we felt we could trust.”

CAP asked the xcd team to help them ‘lean up’ the day-to-day admin for their HR team and free up time across the wider organisation so people could better focus on their core mission. CAP also seen significant results using xcd’s reporting module:

“The reporting side has been really helpful,” says Anna Haldane. “Things like gender pay gap reporting were taking a huge amount of time before. We wanted to provide better reporting functionality across the whole charity which, without the system in place, was just impossible to do.”

Read CAP’s full case study here.

B.Braun see 10% increase in performance

Within their mission to achieve market leader status, part of the B.Braun’s growth plan included a 10% productivity boost for their employees, who number at over 60,000 people globally. With this in mind, B. Braun challenged the xcd team to configure a people solution that would motivate employees to track and improve their own performance.

Braun worked with our experts to design a unique customisation of xcd’s existing HRand Payrollmodules to meet their unique requirements, ensuring it mapped perfectly onto the company’s existing performance processes. This enabled B. Braun’s employees to be incentivised to take direct control of their own performance management, tracking their success, progression and objective-achievement in real time, taking significant burden off HR.

Instead of the B.Braun team having to work around their HR solution, the xcd system could be configured according to their exact needs, providing savings for the entire organisation in the long run.

Braun’s Learning and Development Manager Nicola Childs, elaborates on this, stating:

“We wanted something easy to use, that wouldn’t get in the way of the conversation but would be sophisticated enough to deliver the complex 360° measurements we needed – xcd does just that.”

Read B.Braun’s full case study here.

Fosroc simplify labour intensive HR processes

Fosroc did not have a central system for their core HR data and processes. Storage of employee data relied on multiple and inconsistent manual processes and hard copy files, which were often not readily available.  Fundamental HR processes were labour intensive and managing the accuracy, security and integrity of HR data was a challenge, which also impacted the ability to report on important KPIs such as manpower costs, headcount, turnover and absence.

One of the key improvements for Fosroc once implementing the xcd people platform was their ability to provide key information to their management teams. They now know that all departments and offices can globally access the same data and analytics, which had not been possible previously.

“We would recommend xcd to other organisations due to the functionality of the solution and the care and attention that we have received through implementation to customer support.  I felt like I could influence the roadmap and that the team would listen to our opinions.” – Sue Scott, Global HRMS Manager

Read Fosroc’s full case study here.