How to Improve Internal Comms with HR on Salesforce

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Communication, communication, communication – it’s something we hear a lot about in the workplace. Internal communication can make or break so many aspects of your workplace. From its impact on the successful completion of a project or process, to ensuring employee engagement and productivity, poor communication is often the identified villain if any of these go downhill. And this can often be exacerbated by poor internal communication tools.

But sometimes communication seems so simple, it’s difficult to think of concrete methods which can improve it in your internal communication. There’s rarely a team to be found without the beloved group chat on Slack of some other internal communication tool to allow for easy employee communication, and it’s standard procedure for team members to be a part of regularly scheduled meetings to ensure everyone is able to communicate and be up to date. So, what could be missing?

A strong internal communication strategy in the workplace often means more than ensuring people have face to face time or access to a team chat, or other public channels. For effective internal communication you need to look at every avenue of how you facilitate productivity and communicate in the workplace. This can include giving employees specific channels to speak up about specific, meaningful topics, and utilising data to back up what is communicated to make sure it’s constructive and actionable. But you need to ensure you also have the right internal communication software in place. 

The seamless, cloud-based nature of Salesforce is one of the best enablers of simplifying the way you communicate. Bringing everything from people data to performance management onto one single database, HR on Salesforce drives efficiency in your internal communication and offers insight into workforce strategy.

Here are just a few ways HR on Salesforce can improve your internal communication:

Back Up What You Say & Discover What You Can Add

Salesforce, being the world’s no.1 CRM, offers access to a whole plethora of incredible tools which allows your HR team access to the latest analytics and AI innovations, improving team communication across your business.

The insights and analytics made available can inform your strategy for effective internal communication by offering key data to back up what has informed HR and line manager decision making. For example, being able to back up feedback in performance reviews with hard numbers, or offering reasoning for what pushed an HR and line manager decision to team members can improve internal understanding of what went on behind certain decisions.

 Additionally, the data and analytics offered on the Salesforce platform may help your HR team uncover key insights which you would not have otherwise been aware of or been able to communicate across your organisation.

Keep Your Leadership Team Updated

With a personalised executive dashboard, HR can communicate and display the workforce analytics informing your key business decisions in a simple and digestible format, thus boosting internal communication. 

The importance of keeping your leadership team up to date and aware of the key happenings in your organisation cannot be overstressed when it comes to your mission to improve your internal communication strategy. Internal communication hangs on your leaders setting a positive example, and can have a big impact on how your company culture approaches internal comms.

A dashboard like this can also be a great collaboration tool as well as a communication tool, acting as a hub for leadership team communication and projects – and it’s certainly got more structure to it than a group chat for your leadership team members!

Make Internal Communication Accessible

Sometimes, improving your internal communication means there needs to be tools available to allow less of it, to prevent time wasting communication. When you empower people to their own information, the unnecessary internal communication HR can often find themselves caught up in can be significantly reduced.

Wherever your people may be, global mobile access to the XCD app allows employees to access internal information they may need seamlessly.

The availability of this important information can improve communication, employee engagement and satisfaction, as they are not having to log in to a clunky system or jump a bunch of hurdles to access simple information. Aside from improving internal communication, this can also improve employee experience, as they have access to simple tech, which can quickly communicate everything they need to know.

Give Employees Opportunities to Speak Up

Effective internal communication requires HR to prioritise creating channels for their people to make noise! 

For example, XCD’s Appreciation can encourage employees to take part in internal communication and give a shout out to colleagues, regardless of if they are their junior or senior in the workplace, for contributions they have made which deserves recognition. The more targeted your communication tools, the better.

These kinds of dedicated channels, which are available on Salesforce, provide an excellent opportunity to make sure specific and important areas of communication are not ignored, and facilitate HR in building an open, engaging company culture where it is made easy to for your internal communication strategy goals to be fulfilled. Opportunities for employee communication are key to creating a tight knit, connected workforce and culture, aiding in employee engagement and productivity. 

Take Advantage of Salesforce Features

Use Salesforce’s survey tools or integrate with third-party survey applications to gather employee feedback on HR initiatives, programs, or policies. Offering your people the opportunity for communication of this feedback can help HR identify areas for improvement and enhance internal employee communication.

Set up Salesforce’s Case Management functionality to streamline HR issue resolution and provide better employee support through improve internal communication. Employees can submit HR-related inquiries or requests through a self-service portal, and HR representatives can efficiently manage and respond to these internal cases within Salesforce.

Utilise Chatter for your internal communication strategy. Chatter is Salesforce’s collaboration tool that allows employees to connect, share information, and improve their communication. Create a Chatter group chat specifically for each of your HR-related discussions, updates, and announcements. Encourage HR staff to actively participate and contribute to the team communication in each team chat, by responding to queries and sharing relevant updates. Chatter could be a great option if your organisation is looking for Slack alternatives for their internal communication strategy!

 Salesforce is one of the best in the game when it comes to scalability and adaptability for your internal communication tools. It is a flexible platform that can be customised and scaled to meet the evolving needs of your organisation and it’s communication style or needs. As your HR processes grow or change, you can easily adapt and automate new workflows or modify existing ones.

Automate HR Processes

Leverage Salesforce automation features, such as workflows, approvals, and process builders, to automate HR processes and reduce manual efforts. For example, you can automate the approval process for leave requests, performance reviews, or employee onboarding. This prevents bottlenecks occurring in terms of internal employee communication.

This automation results in improved accuracy and minimised human errors which can crop up in internal communication. This ensures consistency in HR operations and effective communication across your organisation. 

So, is HR on Salesforce the answer to your internal comms issues?

Aspects of your everyday business, like team communication, are easily overlooked when assessing how you could improve issues related to employee engagement or retention. However, a good internal communication strategy paired with the right internal communication tools can be a total game changer – for the best or for the worst.

Effective communication is only at optimal performance to improve your organisation and people when it is supported by the right collaboration tool. The structure and tailored resources this can provide boosts your internal communication in a way which is simply unmatched.

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