How to stop managers relying on HR for simple tasks

How to stop managers relying on HR for simple tasks

In our recent webinar, one of the best insights covered how to deal with line managers who constantly contact HR for simple tasks and processes. 

The wider conversation was about 'failure demand' - knock on tasks created by things not being done properly.

We partnered with HR improvement experts HRCubed to discuss how HR can learn to identify the work you don’t want (WYDW), and start eliminating it, or turning it back.

This is the essence of learning to tackle failure demand.

One of the key sources of WYDW in HR is line management and even employees that lean too heavily on their HR team.

This will be familiar for anyone in HR. How much holiday do I have remaining? Can you send me a cycle to work form? 

Instead of following agreed self-service process, managers and employees either fire off an email or jump straight on the phone.

No – provided you’re providing self-service systems and processes that your people can use to access this information – HR is busy enough, it doesn’t have time for this.

In this short clip from the webinar, Matthew Blair, Business Change Specialist at HRCubed explains the subtle conversational technique HR can use to start turning these enquiries back.

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