HR vs Payroll friction? Single-solution software could be the answer

HR vs Payroll friction Single-solution software could be the answer

We ran a poll recently asking the industry about the factors behind HR vs Payroll friction that stops their two teams working effectively together.

The feedback was encouraging. Most people felt that in their organisations HR & Payroll enjoyed a harmonious working relationship.

But where there was friction, more often than not it was around information flow.

The information bottlenecks that characterise the traditional relationship between separate HR & Payroll systems can become a serious hindrance; reporting ability is curtailed, and delays and mistakes can impact employee trust.

That’s why many modern organisations are exploring the benefits of a single solution cloud system to deliver both HR & Payroll. A single solution platform alleviates many of these issues, delivering immediate time and efficiency benefits. 

Post-GDPR, a single solution HR and Payroll platform is also seen by many practitioners as a more secure way to manage sensitive employee data. Areas of risk such as repeated rekeying or transfer of data between systems are eliminated, along with the other complications that arise through having to deal with multiple vendors or systems.

Not all HR and Payroll solutions are equal: Many vendors describe their HR & Payroll solution as ‘integrated’ or ‘combined’. This is not the same as ‘single solution’. XCD’s software is a single solution HR & Payroll platform, meaning data is held in one database. Information added to XCD is immediately available to both HR & Payroll, which operate as one – no integration or combination required.

In a truly single solution system, the information required for reporting and analytics is contained within a single source. This means quicker and simpler running of reports and removing the need for different data sets to be combined, therefore reducing the risk of human error creeping into information processing. 

Time and process efficiencies stack up in different ways too. Implementing a single solution reduces the amount of training required for employees and HR & Payroll staff and ensures a consistent user experience across both HR & Payroll tasks.

One login, one system, immediate access to all the information you need.

Our recent webinar examined this issue in more detail: Overcoming Operational Barriers Between HR and Payroll.

Overcoming the barriers between HR & Payroll
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