Keeping track of headcount

Keeping track of headcount

How many people does your organisation employ right now? How would you find the answer? If it involves more than one data source, a spreadsheet, a paper file, one or two phone calls and possibly even a calculator, don’t worry. You’re not alone.

How easy is it to keep track of your employee headcount when an organisation is in a constant state of growth and change? How easy is it to see where you are growing, what resource is required and where?

Without the proper tools, not very.

If you’re simply relying on manual methods, i.e. spreadsheets and other documents, it’s probably more of a case that you’re having to remember who left what role and when, who changed roles and who has started.
If you’re a medium-sized business or large enterprise, then it’s more common for the information you need to be stored in multiple places. Either way, HR’s view of company headcount is often significantly different from that of, say, a finance report.

In addition to this, insight is extremely important when it comes to success planning and if you’re using manual HR methods for data collation then this is not only laborious but also prone to errors.

As HR professionals, the last thing we want is to be in front of the board of Directors with inaccurate and unreliable information, or to generate hours of additional work in the form of manual tracking and exception reporting. Not good….

However, HR technology will enable you to overcome these issues. At the click of a button it’s quick and easy to show all kinds of different scenarios. For example, you will be able to see where you are now in terms of headcount compared to that of three months ago, a year ago, five years ago and so on.

You name it, the system will be able to calculate it. You will be able to demonstrate which areas of the business are growing and which are getting smaller, graphically represented for quick, effective presentation.

You can easily see growth and reductions and collate any form of stats you need. We recently had a request of ratios of PA’s to Executives over a specific period of time for example.

Modern HR tech saves literally thousands of hours of reporting.

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