LightSpeed Broadband joins XCD Customer Community

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We are thrilled to welcome LightSpeed Broadband to our XCD customer community.

LightSpeed are a rapidly growing regional broadband company based in Spalding, building a full fibre gigabit broadband network for homes and businesses across the east of England. Their roll-out began in April 2021 and today thousands of customers can connect to their 1000 Mbps service across six towns in South Lincolnshire & West Norfolk. Their strategy has been to develop quickly, and they’re on a mission to reach 200,000 homes by the end of this year.

The pace of their growth meant that they needed an HRMS that could scale with their ambitious plans. Their requirements included:

  • Improving HR service levels and system user experience
  • The ability to manage full employee lifecycle
  • To integrate other Salesforce-based applications to drive increased levels of automation and visibility across departments

For this, they needed a flexible solution that would help them to improve their processes and align with their growth strategy. Beyond this, it was crucial to have a system that would operate seamlessly as part of their Salesforce stack, in-line with their IT-driven Salesforce strategy.

XCD offers this flexibility and scalability with sophisticated integration options as part of the Salesforce platform, and a UI that would be familiar and easy to use for their employees.

In honour of the customer’s brand and their commitment to high speed, XCD were able to help LightSpeed go live with the core HR solution in just 15 days – our fastest ever implementation.

Simon Fowler, XCD CEO, says: “It’s been a pleasure to work with LightSpeed, and we are delighted to have been able to move at such a pace to bring them onboard. We look forward to seeing just how far and how fast they can go, because their growth in the past year has been staggering. We will do everything we can to help them achieve their ambitions.”

Aaron Butcher, LightSpeed CIO, says: “XCD have demonstrated a willingness to support our aspirations, with a robust and impressive solution that is going to allow us to reduce administrative burden and deliver an improved experience for all our employees now and most importantly as we scale quickly in the months and years ahead!”

Mara Cabrelli, LightSpeed CPO says: “We are very excited to have completed phase one of our implementation and looking forward to adding more modules to complete our solution. XCD has allowed us to move from a proprietary off the shelf solution that met our needs in February 2021, when the company was born, to an integrated fully functional solution. Once fully implemented and customised, we estimate that current administration time will be cut by as much as 60%. This in addition to many other benefits will enable Lightspeed to grow in numbers without significantly increasing the HR population.”