Putting the pieces of ERM together on Salesforce with Cloudteam Company

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One of the main benefits for our customers of XCD being built and run on the Salesforce platform is the integration possibilities between front and back-office systems, which have traditionally sat in their own data silos.

One of our favourite partners for exactly this reason is Cloudteam Company, who specialise in Salesforce and FinancialForce implementations. This makes them ideally suited to working with XCD customers who want to leverage XCD’s on-platform integration possibilities, like FinancialForce PSA, for instance.

As Salesforce, FinancialForce and XCD all share the same Enterprise architecture, they benefit from the tools that Salesforce provide to deliver lower effort, code free integration via flows and Apex triggers. Easier to achieve than the more classic API approach to integration.

Integrating one app with another in this way on the Salesforce platform ensures data silos are eliminated, enabling seamless cross-function reporting capabilities with the same high level of security you would expect from a single, world-leading platform. So rather than moving between apps, users have access to everything they need from a single log in.

So whether it’s HR, Payroll, finance or PSA data, bringing it into a single Salesforce Org on the Salesforce core platform means it can be immediately available to any department or individual that can make valuable use of it.

Digital transformation and ERM in action, with XCD as the HR & Payroll piece of that puzzle. This is what Cloudteam Company can help our customers deliver.

Founded in 2015 with a team of just three, Cloudteam Company has grown internationally to more than 22 consultants serving multiple verticals and has been recognised as FinancialForce’s main EMEA implementation partner for the last two years.

Cloudteam Company’s Jaap Broekers says:

“Partnering with XCD means we’re able to deliver the full ERP solution on Salesforce platform. It also means an advantage of having a business partner with whom we can pursue more business opportunities.

“But XCD is fortunately more than that, in XCD we found a partner that we can count on, who we trust and with whom we enjoy collaborating with. To us XCD is the #1 native Salesforce HR Solution.”