Salesforce is the answer to HR data security

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HR professionals handle numerous key responsibilities, one of which is handling sensitive data – encompassing business information, and personal details on their people. While every good HR team take as many measures as possible to ensure HR data security, cyber attacks and data leaks still happen, with the UK Government reporting that 39% of UK businesses suffered an attack in 2022.

When these attacks happen, it’s the HR team that works around the clock to clean up and collaborate with IT to improve security measures. Particularly as under the Data Protection Act of 2018 and the GDPR, HR holds both personal and sensitive information that must be stored, accessed, secured and processed in compliant ways.

Your HR system plays a critical role in maintaining data security – and a Salesforce based system may be the perfect answer.

Data Sovereignty

The outstanding data security provided by Salesforce gives the option for businesses to encrypt the data that is being stored in your system, and is in data centres around the world, so you don’t need to worry about data sovereignty. This is a crucial consideration because, for most organisations, HCM constitutes the biggest data security risk, due to the personally identifiable nature of the information it holds.

Additionally, Salesforce has recently released their Hyperforce EU Operating Zone for companies managing customer data in the EU. This provides users with three availability zones based on EU data centres, as well as EU-based customer support.

Customisable Access

Running our software on the Salesforce cloud platform means our customers benefit from the platform’s stringent information security, various role-based security and access options that ensure only the right people can view sensitive data, and audit controls that enable admins to track what is accessed and edited, by who, and when. This allows HR to balance employee empowerment by granting them access to their own data, such as past performance reviews and digital payslips, while also guarding your sensitive data against potential security threats.

The almost limitless configurability of the Salesforce platform has other significant benefits for HR teams too. This includes highly customisable reports when you want to make use of your valuable people data, such as for culture strategy or when reporting for change to C-Suite. In the age of flexible work, this configurability also allows the platform to be tailored to an organisation’s unique working model, however that looks.

Single Platform Strategy

A single solution for HR and Payroll enables users to avoid risky integrations, information leakage, or duplicating data entry. With over 150,000 businesses using Salesforce, many look to a single platform strategy, where they aim to bring as many business functions onto the same technology as possible.

This not only benefits the data security of the organisation, but also saves time for HR and other teams, who no longer have the manual work of reconciling data between separate systems and are able to have a single source of truth to drive all business decisions.

Our customers at Ninety One can vouch for this:

“The Salesforce relationship was a key factor in our choice. It’s a key tool for our business, so our people already used the platform every day and are familiar with how it works.”

Today they use xcd for Core HR, Payroll, Performance and Learning. As a business already well used to using Salesforce, the team have been able to customise the solution to their unique needs.

“We use technology efficiently to help us work, but very much customising so it reflects who we are and how we do things as a business. For instance, how we do our performance reviews is unique to us, how we approach probations, it’s all been customised on the system. Also, we use customised fields to record the data we need to keep on people for SMCR.” – Denise Moss, Human Capital Manager at Ninety One

Read the full case study here.

The security offered by Salesforce is unparalleled, and exactly what you should anticipate from the worlds most popular business cloud platform. The xcd people platform benefits from all of these technological strengths, which has enabled our customers to make the case to their internal technology leaders far more easily.

Learn more about how xcd, the only single HR and Payroll solution on the Salesforce platform, makes the day-to-day easier for your whole organisation.