The perfect HR solution for Salesforce businesses

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Salesforce is the world’s number one CRM and is expected to create 9 million jobs worldwide by 2026, adding $1.6 trillion (or £1.25 trillion) in new business revenue to economies. It’s no surprise that so many organisations use the platform. While Salesforce started out and has built a name for itself as a Customer Relationship Management System, its best-in-class technology has also allowed it to support many other business functions. 

A Salesforce HR solutions has become the obvious choice for many companies who have already built a digital strategy on the platform. 


Data Security

The data security offered by Salesforce is excellent. The platform provides the option to encrypt data at rest, and is in data centres around the world, this means HR teams and their businesses don’t need to fret around issues of data sovereignty. This is a key point because, for the majority of organisations, HCM is the biggest data security threat, due to the personally identifiable nature of the information.

Because xcd is a true Salesforce HR system, our customers benefit from the platform’s incredibly tight information security. This includes role-based access that protects your people data from being viewed by those who do not have the permissions to see it, as well as audit controls that allow admins to track exactly who has viewed or edited information. Additionally, as your people data is digitised and centralised as part of the cloud implementation that comes with a Salesforce HR cloud, storage and retention policies are straight-forward to establish.

Learn the details of why Salesforce is the answer to HR data security here.



Many standalone HR systems lack configurability. This means the organisations implementing them often have to change the way they work to fit the solution, instead of the solution being adaptable to an organisation’s unique needs. This has become more important than ever with the rise in hybrid working models, flexible working, and many other changes that have become more normal in a post-pandemic, Gen Z influenced workplace.

 For example, customising performance appraisals or Learning & Development paths allow talented employees to progress through their career according to their strengths and capabilities, rather than a formal, one-size-fits-all approach. Bespoke reports which are simple to create can also be a game-changer for HR teams looking to back up culture updates with engaging data.

By opting for a Salesforce HR solution, your organisation can have a platform which allows both flexibility for your people and can evolve as your business grows or changes. 

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HR Reporting & Analytics

The similarities between a customer’s engagement and retention with that of an employee allows a Salesforce HR system to provide tremendous value to people teams. Salesforce boast reporting capabilities that far exceed many other technologies, but they have been designed to be intuitive and practical for people from varying business functions to use. This combined with the almost limitless configurability of the platform create a reporting functionality which is unrivalled in many respects. 

Many of xcd’s customers have experienced tangible time-savings with the power of Salesforce reporting, such as Anna Haldane, Change Management Lead at Christians Against Poverty:

“The reporting side has been really helpful. Things like gender pay gap reporting were taking a huge amount of time before. We wanted to provide better reporting functionality which, without the system in place, was just impossible to do.”

Learn more about xcd’s HR Reporting & Analytics module.


How has xcd benefited Salesforce organisations?

When Homeless Link were looking for a way to bring people data and processes onto Salesforce they discovered xcd.

Many of the organisation’s existing workflows, like time, absence, performance and expenses were largely paper based, which made a real time view of resources and effectiveness challenging. After implementing the xcd people platform, Homeless Link have been able to bring live metrics into their day-to-day workforce strategy. 

With a salesforce HR solution, the team at Homeless Link have also been able to benefit from the high scalability and flexibility of the solution. The Salesforce Lighting user-interface has also allowed a smoother experience for employees using the platform.

As an organisation already established on the Salesforce platform, adopting the xcd solution made perfect sense for Homeless Link: 

“It was simple to get people to adopt xcd, as most of our people use salesforce every day. Now they can view and approve holiday or expenses when they’re out and about, reducing the workload and simplifying things for everyone.” – Clare Riddiford, Salesforce Manager at Homeless Link

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