The three biggest challenges in HR

The three biggest challenges in HR

We talk to HR Managers, Business Partners, Directors, Officers. We talk to everyone we can to try and find out about the challenges our industry faces at every level. It’s in our interest as a software supplier to understand these as well as we can, so we can innovate solutions.

This list is based on unscientific, anecdotal conversations with our HR consultants. We asked them what the biggest HR challenges were last year for the professionals they worked with, and this is what they said:

No time

Driving organisational strategy is impossible for stressed out, time poor, professionals who feel like they spend their lives firefighting. What several of our consultants told us was that HR professionals are still feeling buried by processes and administration, like hamsters on wheels.

If this feels too familiar, this article might be useful. How to get off the HR hamster wheel.

Getting the right people into the right roles

We’ve been reading about the war for talent for a long time. Last year, Josh Bersin declared the battle over. “Talent won,” he said. We’re not sure this isn’t a bit overdramatic, but with a whole new generation, ‘GenZ’, hitting the workforce, we know that the job of finding and hiring the right talent is more complex than ever.

Get tooled up, there’s a talent war on.

Harnessing all the HR data

HR has more data than any business discipline. Much of it is highly sensitive, which means if you haven’t got your GDPR house in order, you’re playing with fire - here’s a GDPR for HR best practice guide. Learning to use all that information to drive useful, insight-backed workforce strategy is the number one challenge our consultants reported.

Here’s an article that’ll help you get started.

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