WEBINAR: Failure Demand - Cut admin by up to 70%

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The issues may seem harmless on the surface – a lack of easy self-service access to current staff data or policy information, over-complex approval processes, or simply a missed deadline – but the knock-on demand they create can comprise up to 70% of HR’s admin workload.

This webinar will explore the shocking reality of failure demand in the modern workplace. It will explain why teams can so often seem to be frantically busy, but also highly ineffective. 

And we guarantee that afterwards, you’ll start seeing examples of failure demand everywhere you go. 

Key learning objectives:

  • Classify tasks as either ‘value demand’ or ‘failure demand’
  • Understand how poor process can drastically increase HR’s admin burden
  • Devise processes that actively reduce knock-on tasks
  • Realise how easily teams can become trapped in the hamster wheel of work queue management
  • Start eliminating failure demand so you can focus on adding value to your organisation