WHITEPAPER: Moving HR and Payroll to the Cloud

Why does my business need a cloud-based HR system

Your questions answered.

Over 40% of organisations already host their HR in the cloud.

HR leaders using the cloud report increased use of employee self-service tools, reduced costs for their department, and more time to spend on long-term strategic activity.

In this step-by-step guide, we examine the processes that got them there.

In today’s highly competitive environment, accuracy and agility are the hallmarks of dynamic, strategic professionals. Things move faster, and leaders and employees expect answers with immediate urgency.

This is part of the reason for the popularity of cloud delivered management solutions. In 2018, IDG found that nine out of ten companies had already moved at least some of their applications or computing infrastructure to the cloud or planned to do so in the next year.

This whitepaper runs through the questions and decisions that need to be made before take the dive into cloud HR.

This download examines:

  • Why the cloud?
  • Making the business case for tech investment
  • How to prepare - PROCESSES - DATA - PEOPLE
  • Vendor shortlisting best practice
  • Implementation planning and advice
Moving HR And Payroll To The Cloud Screenshot

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