Why attend Salesforce World Tour London 2019?

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First, if you’re a Salesforce user with questions, or if your organisation uses Salesforce and you want to know more about what the platform can offer, you won’t find a better place to get answers than Salesforce World Tour.

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Entry is completely free, but your time isn’t, so we asked Christine Marshall, editor of the popular Salesforce blog ‘The Everyday Admin’, and a speaker at this year’s event, why it’s worth attending.

“You won’t regret it,” she says. “This is a world-class event, packed with opportunities for you to meet Salesforce experts, learn tips and tricks and see how other users are getting the most from Salesforce products. All that, and it’s free!”

Get inspiration from people like you

Your challenges, while specific to you, aren’t completely unique. The Would Tour agenda will feature presentations from people like you, in organisations like yours, who are there to explain the innovative ways they’re using the platform to solve challenges like yours.

And what makes this event different is that, whether they’re a vendor, a Salesforce customer or an employee, they’ll be totally happy to speak to you afterwards, right then, by LinkedIn or email to share their thoughts on your specific problem. It’s Ohana.

What’s Ohana?

One of the unexpected things about Salesforce is the community of users that surrounds the platform. If you’ve browsed the online community forums you’ll have an idea of how welcoming, helpful and supportive they are.

This is no accident. Salesforce uses a term, ‘Ohana’. Borrowed from Hawaii by founder Marc Benioff, it means family, friends, community and making the world better. Sounds like marketing fluff, right? Well, yes, but also no.

The people who love Salesforce, they really love it, and they buy into Ohana in a big way. That’s why the Salesforce community is one of the best in the tech industry. And when they get together, it’s unlike any other business event.

Christine Marshall says this is the greatest aspect of the world Tour. She hates the term ‘networking’ and sees it as an opportunity to make new friends. “If you’re on your own, don’t be afraid to say ‘hi’ to other attendees,” she says. “And please don’t be afraid to say hello to the speakers! We love to chat about all things Salesforce.”  

Behold the AppExchange (and say hello to us)

You’ll find us in the Customer Success Expo, and if you ever wanted to get a sense of the scale of the Salesforce AppExchange ecosystem, we’d suggest you come and say hello. Talk to some of the vendors, ask questions and see demonstrations. We bet you find an app that can solve the challenge you’re currently facing.

One piece of advice, take a bag; branded giveaways at World Tour events are next-level.

Tech trends barometer

As one of the leading technology firms on the planet, Salesforce is a great barometer for which trends and developments are most likely to impact your industry. And the World Tour is the perfect forum to see where it’s placing its bets for the coming year. Keep an eye on the keynote agenda… for one thing, keynotes are the only place you’ll find somewhere to sit down, and because that’s where tech trends insight will land.

Get pumped

If Salesforce is, or will be, part of your organisation’s technology stack, stepping away from the grind for a day to discover different perspectives, meet new people and be recharged by a welcoming, supportive community will send you back to work supercharged with fresh mindset.

“If you’ve never been to a Salesforce event then you are in for a treat,” says Christine Marshall. “It’s as big, as bonkers, and as inspiring as you imagine. London World Tour will be a day packed with amazing speakers, incredible learning opportunities, and chances to meet your Ohana. I promise you’ll leave feeling energized.”

Salesforce World Tour London 2019 is at Excel on 23 May 2019. Find out more here.