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Human Resources teams play a unique role in employee training and development in an organisation. As an ongoing process of investment into the workforce, HR needs to balance employer ROI with an increase in the human capital of the workplace. Not only this, it falls on Human Resources to manage employee engagement with training programs and evaluate the effectiveness of different modules and courses for professional development.

With so many responsibilities surrounding employee training, Human Resources need effective HR software to streamline and automate the admin-heavy tasks of training management. Effective HR software should make tracking training simple by providing an intuitive birds-eye view of all employee training, sending automated reminders to employees to complete modules and enabling management to assign specific courses to individuals with ease. 

But it shouldn’t stop there. Using single software with both HR and payroll functionalities makes it simple for Human Resources and management to not only track employee training but monitor spend to maximise resources.

What is single HR and Payroll software?

It’s exactly what it sounds like. One piece of software for both Human Resources and payroll functionalities. A single HR and payroll software platform provides HR teams and management with all of the tools they need to monitor and facilitate end-to-end Human Resources and payroll processes in an organisation.

Built on the cloud-based Salesforce platform, XCD single software utilises automated workflows to connect all of the elements of its offering, from its training management software functionalities to reporting and analytics and payroll. Using single software eliminates the need for data transfers and streamlines linked HR and payroll processes. There’s no need for messy integrations or manual data transfers as all of the information on the platform is centrally accessible and updated in real time. 

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What is the difference between learning and development on single software and an LMS? 

A learning management system (LMS), also known as a training management system, is a piece of software designed to enable employers, HR and management to track and manage learning and development programmes within an organisation efficiently. These tracking softwares are powerful tools which make training management simple, but rely on integrations with payroll software to handle training budgets and spend. 

Single software, on the other hand, is a full suite of HR and payroll tools, including training management software. Rather than using separate systems for recruitment and onboarding, training, performance management and payroll, HR professionals can handle everything on one intuitive platform. Also, as the XCD payroll functionality is fully HMRC compliant, it gives Human Resources peace of mind when booking external training providers that all invoices and expenses are handled seamlessly. 

How does single HR and payroll software benefit learning and development?

Centralising learning and development through single software over training management software enables HR to track the whole training process from budget outlines to employee training and certifications. Single software like XCD simplifies the administrative side of training management, so HR can focus on how best to develop the workforce. 

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Single software centralises all L&D in your organisation

Tracking all of your organisation’s training in one central location makes it simple to monitor how each employee is interacting, engaging and progressing with their training. With company-wide, departmental and team views, XCD single software makes it easy to integrate consistent staff development and skills across your organisation. Managers can see a clear top-down view of their teams to make training allocations easy and bias-free.

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Single software enables managers to approve training budgets

A huge benefit of using single HR and payroll software for learning and development is that management can simply edit and approve training budgets without external approval. With single software, all budgets are assigned within the platform making it simple for management and HR to strategically assign courses to get the most out of your training resources. Not only this, HR managers can evaluate the effectiveness of different training courses through effective analytics and have the final say on any future training and development programs and budgets. 

Single software makes training management easier due to employee self-service

Employee self-service alleviates much of the administrative burden of training management from HR. Gone are the days of manually tracking which employees are enrolled on which courses, chasing their completion and monitoring the success rates of individual modules. Through self-service, employees can update their profiles once they have completed their assigned modules to provide an accurate view of their progression in real time. XCD single software even sends automated reminders to employees to ensure that training tasks are completed on time, removing the need for HR to send reminders. 

What’s more, employees are totally in control of their data and permissions with self-service HR, meaning you can ensure GDPR compliance throughout employee training management. This makes it easier when enrolling employees on third party training courses as employees can decide whether they want their details passed onto third party training providers. 

Single software lets Human Resources focus on developing training strategies over admin

As XCD single software handles most of the heavy lifting on the administrative side of learning and development, it enables Human Resources to spend more time on creating effective training development strategies for the workforce. Rather than simply booking the same courses year in and year out, HR software frees up time in the HR department to enable you to take a deep dive into the analytics of previous training and provide suggestions on how to improve your organisation’s offering. 

As we all know, upskilling the workforce is key to improving employee engagement and satisfaction, not to mention increasing the value of human capital in your business, so ensuring these skills effectively develop your teams is key. Single payroll and HR software with in-built training management software provides HR with the time to use their skills effectively and create learning and development programs that employees and management want and need. 

Build a business case for learning and development using analytics

Utilising single software makes it easier for HR to build a business case for learning and development as you can use employee data in XCD’s custom reporting and analytics functionality to provide insights on the performance of employees who have undertaken specific courses. Empowered by Salesforce’s Einstein AI tool, XCD HR software has the capability to project the performance of employees based on historical data and provide HR with the data they need to prove value and increase resources.

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Bolster the impact of your employee training with a training management system on single software

XCD single HR and payroll software is revolutionary for organisations that get slowed down by integrations, manual data transfers and outdated software. Built on the Salesforce platform, XCD allows HR professionals to seamlessly automate all elements of employee learning management, giving you more time to focus on high-value strategic work. 

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