XCD Employee Experience Survey 2022

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75% of HR leaders are investing in employee experience

We surveyed HR leaders and employees to build a picture of employee experience (EX) in the UK post-pandemic.

What we found was a mixed picture, where HR’s battle to get EX taken seriously as a business priority is largely won.

Business leaders are bought in to the importance of employee experience like never before, and there’s significant appetite for the investment of time and money.

However, a significant number of HR leaders are still looking for ways to prove ROI on employee experience initiatives, and 40% admit they do not currently measure the impact of their efforts.

Our data indicated a disconnect between HR and employees in their perception of the quality of employment experience, 69% of HR leaders said EX at their company was ‘good’, while only 54% of employees said the same. 

We investigated the elements of employee experience and found interesting correlations around how employees feel about their jobs, and why they are willing to go ‘above and beyond’. 

Perhaps the most interesting insights in this report revolve around the role of technology in employee experience. For both HR leaders and employees, perceptions of technology were closely tied to notions of employee experience success.

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