XCD HR & Payroll software: New functionality

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Some of that time goes into tweaks, fixes and enhancements of our HR and Payroll modules, which streamline user experience and increase the overall efficiency of the software.

These changes are available to all our customers through our Software Release Programme.

However, a lot of that developer time also goes into research and development on innovations that translate to entirely new functionality.

That’s the work that keeps XCD on the cutting edge of cloud HR & Payroll best practice. Here’s what we’ve introduced in the last year as part of our R&D.

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XCD Mobile App

Last year, an international study by IWG found that 70% of professionals worked remotely at least once a week, while 53% did so for at least half of the week.

Employees are already mobile, but very few HCM solutions provide a dedicated mobile app.

So to ensure our customers’ can leverage the efficiency benefits of our solution’s self-serve functionality, even on the move, we’ve launched the XCD mobile app.

The XCD mobile app provides end users with global anytime access to a suite of core self-serve functions.

  • Check holiday entitlement and book leave
  • View payslip
  • Search colleagues and contact details
  • Easily photograph and upload expenses receipts
  • Submit and approve expense claims

Our own results show that implementing a mobile expenses system, where employees can submit receipts securely from their smartphone, can cut up to half of the time Payroll traditionally spends processing claims.  

Work Cycles

A 2018 YouGov report found that fewer than one in ten UK employees worked a traditional 40-hour week last year, and only two in ten said they would choose to if given the choice.

Non-standard hours employment is increasingly the norm for most UK organisations. But for HR and Payroll, this can cause headaches when it comes to balancing timesheets and calculating leave and pro-rata benefits.

Now, where employees work a regular pattern but different hours each day, XCD’s Workcycles tool makes this complex process simple.

The tool automates calculations around leave entitlement, hours of absence for requested leave, and total hours worked each day, and it can also be used to calculate part-period pro-rata payments.

And if the employee’s work patterns change, the Workcycle automatically updates the relevant information on their annual leave summary record.

The app comes pre-loaded with 14 standard Workcycle templates, but also offers almost limitless flexibility for customers to create their own templates. Workcycles can incorporate virtually any composition or duration, based on the unique factors within their organisation.

One tool, multiple automations, massive savings in time and admin.


The volume of sensitive data held by HR & Payroll makes people data the number one GDPR risk for organisations.

Most organisations are structured so that HR holds the responsibility for review and revision of existing data policies, managing risk to employees and compliance with GDPR.

XCD now supports your GDPR compliance in several ways. 

  • Automatically obtaining data processing consent from current and prospective employees where required
  • Report templates notify HR staff of records that should be deleted under GDPR
  • We also offer data deletion as a premium-level service for total peace of mind

To find out more about how we can help your organisation mitigate risk around GDPR, book a consultation with one of our specialists today.

Project Timesheets

XCD’s Timesheets app has always offered a high level of flexibility in how employees time can be recorded.

The self-serve interface lets employees record their time in various ways, and now, through our Project Timesheets functionality, allows that time to be tracked against specific projects.

This means time allocated to projects can now be detailed in XCD Payroll, enabling more accurate project costing and reporting as employee pay can be allocated to specific projects.


XCD’s onboarding tool offers a series of measures to ensure nothing is missed out of the transition from recruit to employee.

The tool presents HR admins with a completely configurable set of checklist items and reminders to make sure nothing is missed out of the process, important documents are received, personal information is captured, and policies and obligations are communicated.

The onboarding tool allows you to set up an XCD account for an individual before they have joined the organisation, allowing them to log in, enter their personal information and familiarise themselves with organisational charts and policy documents before they officially join.

When this process is complete, the tool pulls through all the required information to the new employee record. 

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