XCD Launches New Employee Recognition Tool

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Cloud-based HR and Payroll software provider XCD is excited to be able to offer XCD Appreciation, a new peer-to-peer employee recognition solution.

69% of HR leaders agree that reward and recognition is the most important area of employee experience. Finding a way to recognise the hard work of you people is integral to any employee experience strategy.

XCD Appreciation was created to enhance employee experience by providing an easy-to-use platform for sharing and receiving employee recognition. With Appreciation, anyone in your organisation can recognise a colleague for their hard work. It works in any direction: anyone from the freshest-faced intern to the CEO can acknowledge someone else within the business.

Company-wide, everyone can see the appreciation given to any member of staff – everyone is able to celebrate the achievements of their colleagues. And everyone is able to use Appreciation – it is a standalone product requiring no previous license of XCD HR software. 

As a tool, Appreciation by XCD allows organisations to truly embody and champion their core values, customising the solution to fit the behaviours and standards that most closely align with your business. Recognition is then tied directly to those values, with each individual success connected directly to your company’s culture.

XCD Appreciation also provides valuable data and insights around who is truly embodying the ethos of the company, who is going the extra mile, and who is helping to boost morale in the workplace. It provides a holistic view that adds a new dimension to performance management.

Ben Bishop, COO at XCD commented:

“We know how vital recognition is to employee experience – the way it connects to everything from morale, productivity, and performance. At XCD, we want to empower organisations that people want to work for and stay working for! Where people are satisfied and go the extra mile because they enjoy their jobs, respect their colleagues, and believe in the purpose of their organisation. I think Appreciation has a huge role to play, not just making people valued, but in enabling businesses to live their values and understand the impact of highly engaged people.”

About XCD Appreciation: The Appreciation module is a peer-to-peer recognition solution, available for purchase on the Salesforce App Exchange. It is available for any business on Salesforce and does not require any prior license of XCD HR & Payroll software.

About XCD: XCD is the only single solution HR & Payroll software available on the Salesforce platform. With over 30,000 users across 35 countries benefitting from its range of Salesforce powered services, XCD is one of the UK’s fastest-growing ERM vendors. Headquartered in Bristol, the tech innovator has a growing workforce with customers spanning not-for-profit, private, and public sectors.

Find out more about XCD Appreciation on the Salesforce AppExchange