XCD makes CEO and COO appointment

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Simon Fowler brings tech industry leadership experience from roles with companies including Advanced Computer Software Group and Technology One. He will spearhead a major new five-year plan for XCD, focusing on business growth and customer service.

Ben Bishop is XCD’s new COO. He is a business software operations and innovation specialist who will bring his experience from Sage and Advanced Computer Software Group to XCD’s day to day operations and product development. 

Both join at an exciting time for the business; XCD is one of the fastest growing suppliers in the industry and continues to use technology to the advantage of its’ customers.

As a Salesforce partner, XCD has access to cutting-edge technology like Einstein, as well as the configuration flexibility and additional application options that come part and parcel with the world’s number one cloud platform.

Simon Fowler, XCD’s CEO, said: “We operate in an exciting market, and as a Salesforce partner the opportunities available to us are vast. Being able to deliver a true SaaS solution in an environment where many competing solutions are an integration of multiple elements gives us the edge on user experience, operational efficiency and data management. Salesforce’s heavy investment in technology also allows us to keep our solution modern and at the forefront of the market at all times, focusing on functionality rather than worrying about technology debt.

“The UK HCM industry has been through a series of significant changes which has historically left little time for the ‘strategic’ role of HR within UK organisations. However, as the pace of legislative change slows, strategy and innovation are back on the table. Ensuring that HCM solutions help drive efficiency is key and using more advanced machine learning techniques will become more prevalent as the volume of data and interaction grows.”

Ben Bishop, XCD’s COO, said: “We are in an enviable position in the HCM market.  XCD has a mature, feature-rich HCM Suite, built on a world-class, highly scalable, configurable platform. Salesforce’s rich ecosystem of partners will allow us to quickly unlock the strategic and operational benefits of digitisation across all parts of our clients’ businesses.

“In the first 12 months my main focus will be aligning our underlying roadmap, data, tools and processes with our five-year vision to provide a strong platform for the future. This will include significant interaction with our customers through targeted visits, our Special Interest Groups, and the User Groups as well as engagement with other industry and domain experts.”