XCD Payroll: HMRC compliant Payroll solution

XCD Payroll HMRC compliant payroll solution

XCD Payroll is an HMRC compliant UK payroll solution that can handle multiple payrolls, flexible payroll periods, RTI submissions, all statutory calculations, student loans and court orders.

It features a fully integrated pensions engine, Auto Enrolment, payroll reports, BACS and finance integration.

The new payroll functionality speeds up payroll processing time by up to 50% and provides a full audit trail of all pay elements. A fully integrated cloud HR & Payroll solution, with a single HR database, built on the Salesforce platform.

XCD payroll is designed for mid-sized and public sector companies, with the ability to handle multiple payrolls. It provides finance with a full suite of dashboards for payroll compliance, audit and validation.

For more information visit the XCD Payroll product page.

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