XCD selected as a Salesforce Accelerate 2021 participant

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We were one of only 20 selected to embark on this 9-week journey, and are excited to learn more about the opportunities it promises to refine our positioning and develop a go to market strategy that will allow us to strategically align with Salesforce.

Through the Accelerate programme, Salesforce supports its ISV partners with a mix of mentorship, advice and guidance, led by a network of experts with huge experience in helping businesses like ours grow and flourish as part of the Salesforce ecosystem.

By building XCD as a Salesforce native application, we committed to the platform and the ecosystem. We did this because we know Salesforce gives us the power us to provide the best possible products, security and service for our customers.

With XCD HR & Payroll as part of their Salesforce application stack, our customers have the unique ability to apply Salesforce’s powerful automation, data management and analytics tools to their people data.

As a new member of the Accelerate programme, we’re excited to find new ways to build on this partnership as demand for remote, cloud-delivered HR & Payroll continues to grow.

Stay tuned for further updates.