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Since lockdown started in the UK in March, we've been sharing lots of product announcements, content and useful links with you.

To make it easier to reference, we've pulled all of the information together for you here, so that you can access it at any time without having to trawl through weekly emails.

We'll continue to add to this as we go, but we hope you'll find this useful moving forward.

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XCD Product

Here’s what we’ve been doing with the XCD solution to tackle administrative issues with coronavirus since March.

XCD support for furlough management 

On 2nd April, we added functionality which allowed you to track furloughed employees by setting up a new compensation record.

Click here for a video demonstrating the process

SSP Changes in XCD

On 6th April, XCD announced two changes to your configuration to allow the new SSP rules to be implemented easily.

The 3 new options are:

  • Covid-19: suspected
  • Covid-19: confirmed
  • Covid-19: self-isolation

The calculation of “Waiting days to be served against this leave request” was amended to say that if the Illness given contains the characters “Covid-19” and the leave started on or after 13/03/2020, then there are to be no (further) waiting days applied.

This was live across all systems by 17th April.

Payroll Year End Release

On 20th April we issued a reminder of some of the key functionality that was included in our year end release:

  • New legislative function that includes:
    • Class 1a NI
    • Holiday pay calculations
    • Statutory parental bereavement leave
    • Employment allowance charges
  • The XCD system can now handle multiple vehicles for organisations with a car benefit scheme

We also built the functionality for off-payroll workers, but this has been shelved by the Government for now – however when it re-emerges, it is easy for us to re-enable this in your software.

Furlough Reports

In early May we began offering to support clients who unfortunately had to mass furlough their employees by creating new compensations on a mass scale to reflect the 80% furlough payment.

All XCD payroll clients were also provided with an EMP Furlough report to utilise for the HMRC Portal.

XCD Content and Announcements

XCD Operations Update 

We fielded lots of operational questions at the start of lockdown, so our COO, Ben Bishop sat down to update everyone on his team’s work and provide some answers. Read his message, here.  

Support Desk and Submitting Cases

In order to ensure your cases are dealt with as quickly as possible, we sent out a reminder in May to include the following information to speed up issue resolution:

  • Short, meaningful subject line
  • The app you were using at the time (e.g. Company Admin)
  • The process you were trying to complete (e.g. Creating a new leaver)
  • Description of the issue and/or error
  • Screenshot examples
  • Payroll Customers Reporting Payroll Issues Only: Your BACS deadline

Having this information from the start will enable the team to resolve any issues quicker, without having to come back to you for more questions. 

HR – Planning for the future: Furlough Update Download

In April we delivered a ‘Grey Areas of Furlough’ webinar and download in partnership with Zoe Wilson from ReThink HR. When the furlough guidance was updated, we worked together to create an updated download, which highlights some of the new guidance around furlough, and how HR can use this for future planning.

Download the guide here

HR’s Essential List for Future Planning

In conjunction with the webinar we also created ‘HR’s Essential List’, which was published to theHRDirector.

Read the article here

7 reasons HR needs to lead in company comms

We published an article highlighting seven reasons that HR needs to ensure they have a hand in all employee communications, especially during difficult times.

Read the article here

Are employee turnover rates due to increase post-pandemic?

We published an article about how, with increasing talk about the ‘new normal’ and the changes that companies will face with home working and flexibility, it’s time for employers to think about the long-term impact on their culture and employee satisfaction.

Read the article here

Useful Links

Salesforce’s Initiative

During lockdown, Salesforce released a new initiative – Given the increase in demand for content about planning for the return to normal, this is a great resource for anyone who is looking for guidance, tools and support on bringing their people back into the workplace.

Find out more about the initiative here

Create a Better Normal

Disruptive HR look to the ‘new normal’ in a recent article and highlight three great things HR departments can do now to create a better normal for the future of their organisation.

Read the article here

COVID-19 as a digital accelerator

IT Pro published an interesting article which focuses on how coronavirus has accelerated the digital transformation of Britain's public sector.

Read the article here

The growth of employee relations

HR Dive explored the increase of Employee Relationship professionals, and how data is stacking up and being used.

Read the article here

How candidates’ attitudes are changing towards recruitment

If you’re recruiting now, or in the near future, this article is certainly worth a read. It dives into how COVID-19 has changes applicants views of the job market so could give you some insight into what you need to consider when advertising.

Read the article here

How to Foster a Productive Company Culture in 7 Steps

Salesforce looked at how to build a productive team and culture, wherever you are based.

Read the article here

Mental Health Coaching in the Workplace

Sanctus is an organisation that focuses on coaching individuals through mental health and wellbeing at work. Their focus is around normalising mental health in the workplace, so if you’re looking to provide mental wellbeing support to your people, it might be worth a look.

Find out more here

Inclusive Employers

Inclusive Employers are a membership organisation designed to create inclusive workplaces across the UK. They run a number of webinars focused around a series of topics including Mental Health in the Workplace, Inclusion, Resilience, Supporting Grief and much more.

Access the events here

What's the future for the office?

BBC explored how almost half the UK's workforce say they have been working from home - and some companies have hinted it could become the future.

Read the article here

Sirenum’s Scheduling Solution for Hospital Staff and Volunteer Management

As XCD customers, you may already be benefiting from the Salesforce AppExchange and many of the great solutions available. One supplier that we wanted to bring your attention is scheduling software providers, Sirenum.

In the wake of the pandemic, they’re offering a simple scheduling solution for both hospital staff and organisations with volunteers, with the aim to support key workers during this time.

This new product has been built to help manage the challenges specific to crisis management. To find out more, and to access the solution, click here.

4 Ways Leaders Can Keep Culture Moving Through a Crisis

HRDConnect explored the challenge of how people leaders can keep their cultures intact during these difficult times.

Read the article here

CPD for Human Resources

We came across some great CPD opportunities for HR departments, which we thought may be of interest to you or your teams.

The first is from one of our clients, the Financial Reporting Council (FRC), who have released two brilliant reports around what Investors will be expecting. This could be beneficial if you need to provide people analytics to the board, or directly to investors, as it reviews areas of uncertainty over the coming 12 months.

Access the reports

The second that’s got us talking is a company called ‘On Purpose’ who work with organisations who believe in purpose before profit. They offer a number of different CPD opportunities, including becoming a coach and their CEO programme.

Find out more here

HRD Connect: Disruption in the World of Work

In April, HRD Connect hosted their landmark, debut virtual event called ‘Disruption in the World of Work’ which focuses on adapting to the disruption around us and how leaders can leverage today’s technologies to respond smartly and efficiently to the ever-changing business landscape.

Find out more about what they found

How to successfully manage the reboarding of your employees

Sharon Alred of Signature Recruitment published an article on LinkedIn exploring how organisations can manage the important task of reboarding employees following a period of working from home or furlough.

Read the article here

REPORT: Organisational attitudes to home working as a result of the coronavirus crisis

Highfield Partnership released an interesting report about how organisations attitudes are changing to home working. There are some interesting stats in here around future planning and how flexible working has impacted businesses.

Read the report here

How to make the most of a remote onboarding process

HR Exchange Network posted a great article about focusing on onboarding and how as remote onboarding becomes a more standardised process within every organisation, there are some principles for HR to keep in mind.

Read the article here

Permanent homeworking arrangements - guidance for employers

XpertHR recently examined the practical issues for organisations considering a move to permanent homeworking for their staff. If this is something your organisation is considering, it’s worth taking a look at the eBook they’ve created from their research.

Access the eBook here

Salesforce COVID-19 Playbook

Another great resource from Salesforce is their COVID-19 Playbook. In it, they provide three steps to create a structured approach for your organisations response to COVID-19, discuss how to navigate economic uncertainty and aid you in making educated business decisions during this time.

You can access the playbook here

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