Powerful HR and Payroll

Integrated with your FinancialForce and Salesforce products

Flexible, efficient HR & Payroll

Your organisation may already use FinancialForce, Salesforce CRM or other Salesforce platform solutions and no doubt benefits from their outstanding reporting and dashboards, flexibility, configurability and ease of use.

That's why now is the time to bring your HR and Payroll onto that same platform, benefiting from:

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How you can benefit today

We know that an innovative workforce can only be effective if managing time well is at the heart of every decision.

With the auto-enrolment and workforce management options XCD offers, giving your employees autonomy over their HR information has never been easier.

Having talent management, performance management, and payroll information at the click of a button means you’ll always be able to run recruitment campaigns to find the right people, reward them well, and pay them on time. With XCD’s easy to use and intuitive HR service platform, you can provide a responsive and personalised experience for every employee.

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