WEBINAR: Enhanced employee & volunteer experience

in not-for-profit organisations

XCD-powered HR on Salesforce

This webinar will examine how not-for-profit organisations can harness Salesforce technology to engage and develop employees and volunteers:

  • Reduce HR admin by bringing people data and processes onto the platform
  • Harness people data to boost efficiency and enhance employee experience
  • Create a centralised tool for HR and Payroll processes
  • Utilise your organisation’s existing Salesforce skills
  • Leverage dynamic HR reports and analytics
  • How are not-for-profit organisations using the platform innovatively for HR?

Not-for-profits leverage the CRM and analytics elements of Salesforce to report more effectively, increase income and improve service delivery.

Now a growing number of organisations are using the same skills and technology to enhance the experience of their employees and volunteers, nurture their development and simplify their administrative interactions, bringing HR onto Salesforce. 

Not-for-profits can use their existing Salesforce knowledge to drastically reduce HR admin by bringing people data and processes - like leave, pay, expenses and recruitment – onto the platform.

Homeless Link, an organisation already proficient on the Salesforce platform, have transformed the way they nurture and manage their people.

Clare Riddiford, Salesforce Manager at Homeless Link, says their familiarity with the Salesforce platform helped Homeless Link implement and engage their people quickly and effectively.

“It was simple to get people to adopt XCD, as most of our people use Salesforce every day,” she says. “Now they can view and approve holiday or expenses when they’re out and about, reducing the workload and simplifying things for everyone.”

In this webinar, experts and practitioners from Salesforce and XCD will examine how they can support HR in not-for-profit organisations and what can be achieved in terms of talent, recruitment and efficiency.

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