WEBINAR: Kickstart your People Analytics


HR expert Zoe Wilson on how to beat the fear and get the ball rolling

Data data everywhere...

There are strategic insights buried in your people data, but without a data scientist on hand, uncovering them can seem daunting or even impossibly complex.

Technology is the fastest moving thing in our profession, outpacing regulation, best practice and skills development.

That’s why we’ve put together this session with Zoe Wilson, founder and director at ReThink HR. Zoe has been helping HR teams implement people analytics for years, so we’re going to find out what that experience had taught her about getting started.

If you’re looking for a high-level technical analytics strategy webinar, this is not it.

The objective of this session is to run through some of the key concepts and focus on practical applications that will allow professionals to begin proving that good data practice is worth investing in.

Areas we’ll cover:

  • Demystifying the terminology
  • Identifying and incorporating different data sources
  • Advice from industry experts
  • Practical examples
  • What to worry about, what not to worry about
  • How to get started

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