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"We chose XCD because they could do it all and we loved their flexibility."

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"XCD is scalable platform for a business looking to turn their HR department into a more proactive one."

Harness the latest automation, analytics and engagement technology to nurture your employee relationships, improve your HR & Payroll, cut costs and drive strategic value back into your organisation.

Eliminate unnecessary admin by delivering a full suite of self-service options, mobile accessibility and a simple, intuitive user interface.

XCD is a single solution application with the following capabilities

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  • Team Bonding

    Employee Relationship Management

    A single destination for employee relationship management. One system, one sign-on, one database. Hassle-free access to the information and processes that form a fundamental part of the employee experience.
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  • Pay Day

    Payroll & Reward

    With no information bottlenecks, Payroll processing becomes simpler, faster and more accurate. This is Payroll software that does all the complex calculations for you.
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  • Time Is Money

    Time & Expenses Software

    Mobile, paperless expenses drastically reduce processing time, while flexible timesheets and customisable work cycles cater for a wide range of different role types.
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  • Knotted

    Recruitment & Onboarding

    Build belonging and nurture relationships from the word go. Keep track of the entire recruitment cycle and automate key processes, from publishing new vacancies right through to onboarding.
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  • Graphs

    Reporting & Analytics

    Standard and executive level reports dashboards at your fingertips can save hundreds of hours. XCD allows easy visualisation of complex data, while Salesforce AI technology enables predictive analytics.
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  • Performance Runner


    Goodbye annual appraisals, hello continuous feedback. Reduce performance management admin and eliminate the need to chase for completion.
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  • Chairs

    Learning & Development

    Easily track and measure all L&D investments. Centralise all L&D information. Match development needs to CPD options. Allow employees to self-select for courses. Managers approve attendance and budget.
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  • Going Mobile

    Mobile HR & Payroll App

    Paperless mobile expenses. Instant access to approvals, leave, payslips and more. Your people already live their lives through their mobile phones. Make the employee experience part of that world.
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