XCD's Appreciation employee and peer-to-peer recognition software is an intuitive platform which drives employee empowerment, engagement and a strong workplace culture within your organization. 


HR and C-suite executives often wonder: what is the best way to measure workplace culture? Well, with Appreciation, HR finally have a meaningful way to measure, analyse and gain insights into company culture and the cohesion of work teams. 

Appreciation is built on the simple premise that every employee should receive recognition for a job well done, and acknowledgement of milestones in their career. 

How does XCD's Appreciation work?

XCD's Appreciation software is set up to make sharing appreciation and recognition as simple as possible in an organisation. 

Send Appreciation to anyone in your organisation

Anyone in an organisation can give someone else in their workplace recognition for their hard work in Appreciation. The beauty of the software is that appreciation and recognition isn't just one way: managers can give manager-to-peer appreciation, members of the team can give peer-to-peer appreciation, and team members can give their line managers and SLT teams appreciation. 

Send Appreciation to individuals or a group of people. Just select the names you want to send recognition to and add your personalised message. Tell them congratulations on a career milestone, a recent promotion, or simply give acknowledgement for all their hard work. 

Tag your Appreciation with a Behaviour

HR managers set up custom behaviours within the Appreciation software which can be based around your company's core values.

Let's say your organisation champions empathy. Your HR managers can create an Appreciation Behaviour named Empathy which can be awarded to anyone in the organisation from anyone in the organisation if they see that they're displaying empathetic behaviour. 

Customise your Appreciation Behaviours with Accolades

Appreciation's completely customisable software makes it simple to add in company language to your employee recognition, as you can create custom accolades for every Behaviour. 

Using the example above, for the Empathy behaviour, you could add the Accolades: caring for others, allyship and sensitivity. 

Share your Appreciation with your whole organisation

The best thing about Appreciation is that every person in your organisation can see when one of their peers has received Appreciation through the company-wide 'Chatter Channel'. This channel enables other employees to interact with their peer's recognitions and achievements and is a real-time culture-building tool for everyone in your company. Employee recognition has never been so simple and social. 

Glean insights on your organization's culture

HR managers and line managers can immediately see from a top-down view who in their organisations embodies the company ethos, who are the unsung heroes of the sales floor and who may not be contributing to the wider company culture. This ensures that individuals' hard work and efforts can be appreciated by all. 

Add colour to performance reviews and appraisals

Appreciation provides a holistic view of an employee's contributions to workplace culture which can be used alongside performance milestones in appraisals and reviews. This can strengthen performance management with a more comprehensive approach.  

Employee recognition software for your people

Enhance employee experience using Appreciation

With 69% of HR leaders agreeing that reward and recognition is the most important area of employee experience, this is a key area to focus on in your employee experience strategy. Appreciation was created to enhance employee experience by providing an easy-to-use platform for sharing and receiving employee recognition.

This has two key benefits. Firstly, Appreciation facilitates recognition and acknowledgement from other people in the organisation, helping individuals feel valued and engaged in their roles. With their Behaviours and Accolades, employees can feel motivated by the visible reminder of their value in the workplace. This boosts job satisfaction and motivates them to higher productivity, making employees more likely to go above and beyond in their roles due to the positive reinforcement. 

Secondly, Appreciation boosts employee experience by empowering each individual to acknowledge and reward their colleagues' work. This has benefits for the employee engagement and wellbeing of giver as well as the receiver of Appreciation, boosting feelings of unity and cooperation in within the organisation. In short, by taking a more active role in rewarding and recognising others, employees also become more engaged in their own role.  

Want to learn more about employee experience? Visit our general HR resources page. 

Boost workplace culture with Appreciation

With the Appreciation recognition platform, it has never been easier to transform company culture. While the unique corporate culture varies between organisations, one key aspect of the most successful companies is a culture of recognition and appreciation for all employees. As HRs, we know all too well that a people-focused company culture is a successful one. 

With Appreciation, you can embed employee recognition into company culture. The software ensures that the entire team can celebrate each others' successes with ease, helping highlight both individual and team achievements.

This is especially important for remote and hybrid working organisations or teams where company culture has suffered during the Covid-19 pandemic. By using employee recognition software, you can build a stronger people-first company culture, even if the team works remotely or asynchronously. 

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Keep a finger on the pulse using Appreciation insights

Company culture has always been an elusive concept that is difficult for HR to track and analyse. With Appreciation, however, it's easier than ever to keep an eye on culture. In which parts of the organisation is employee recognition flowing most consistently? Which teams have the highest levels of peer-to-peer recognition, and which teams are lacking? Are managers and senior leadership setting a good example with recognition? And which individuals are receiving the most praise, embodying the company values with their work? 

In addition to providing an easy and effective way to boost employee recognition, Appreciation provides HR with the data and insights you need to keep a finger on the pulse of company culture. These insights can inform HR strategy and allow for more data-driven decision-making.

Interested in learning more about data and analytics? Browse our tips and insights for HR reporting and analytics. 

Facilitate peer-to-peer recognition and feedback using Appreciation

Building a culture of peer-to-peer recognition can create a more welcoming workplace where individuals have positive and productive working relationships with their colleagues. With more peer-to-peer feedback, employees become personally invested in the successes and development of their team members, supporting and motivating each other.  

However, it's never easy to ensure peer-to-peer appreciation from the top down. That's where Appreciation steps in. Appreciation encourages each team member to take ownership of peer-to-peer feedback and recognition, making acknowledging their peers' successes the norm, not an exception. With the public Chatter Channel, employees are reminded of the value of providing peer-to-peer feedback and encouraged to do so frequently. It's a great way to make peer-to-peer acknowledgement and appreciation an integral part of everyone's day-to-day routine. 

And, this isn't limited to positive feedback. With Appreciation establishing an open and healthy dialogue amongst peers, team members can feel more comfortable providing crucial feedback to their team members. With Appreciation, employee recognition is a strong foundation for working relationships, and individuals are able to respectfully help each other achieve higher performance and productivity. 

Do I have to have XCD software to use Appreciation?

No! XCD's Appreciation software is available to any business using Salesforce.

However, while Appreciation is a great standalone employee recognition platform, we do recommend using Appreciation alongside XCD HR and payroll software. Appreciation integration with our all-in-one software allows you to get the best out of the platform by aligning it with our key employee relationships features such as the customisable company dashboard and easy-to-use employee search tool. Integration with XCD performance management and payroll & reward software also allows for a more holistic approach to these aspects. 

Are you ready to transform employee engagement and motivate your people using an employee recognition platform? Download Appreciation on the Salesforce App Exchange today. 

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