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Pay and reward is fundamental to engagement and employee trust in an employer.

XCD Payroll & Reward

Getting paid is what motivates people, but administration of tax, accounting and compliance takes time. With Payroll software from XCD, a single-solution application (HMRC approved), much of the time-consuming administrative workload around employee rewards is simplified and managed in the cloud.


XCD is a cloud-based, HMRC approved Payroll software that enables up to 50% faster Payroll processing. Pay employees with no fuss. Automate repetitive payroll elements, deliver payslips digitally, motivate employees and boost productivity with a clear reward system. Manage costs easily from within a single piece of software.

XCD HR & Payroll is a single solution, so processing delays caused by information bottlenecks are eliminated.

Payroll processing with XCD is truly seamless, from setup and running retrospective payments, to finance, accounting and pension reporting. Process pay runs from a single screen, identify and remedy errors with ease, and create reports in moments.
At all times, a process bar shows where you are and what the available next steps are.

"Our monthly Payroll reports take less than an hour to audit with XCD, saving us days of work each month." Head of HR, Alpine Elements

Key features:

  • Our single-solution payroll software will save you time and eliminate data entry errors
  • You can process your payroll, approve and distribute digital payslips from a single screen with minimal clicks
  • Automatically updated dashboards mean reports can be shared in a matter of moments
  • Employee reward and incentives are easily trackable and measurable
  • Customise payslips and payslip notifications
  • All calculations are automated, saving considerable processing time compared to manual data entry and alternative business payroll solutions
  • Our powerful cloud payroll software can incorporate multiple payrolls and flexible payroll periods
  • Certified by HMRC, XCD is the cloud payroll and HR software solution you need to ensure you’re always on top of any HMRC compliance changes


We understand that handling pensions with many Payroll services can be a time-consuming and complicated task, and that is why our pensions engine is designed to be as fuss-free as possible. XCD cloud payroll software can manage ad streamline auto-enrolment, additional voluntary contributions (AVCs), regular pension contribution calculations, and pension opt-outs.

  • Pension payroll management on a monthly or quarterly basis
  • Pension records are easy to monitor and organise
  • Pension contribution reports and dashboards are automated to save time

“Compared to other systems, it's so easy. With XCD Payroll, everything is done at the click of a button.”
Suzanne Fitzsimmons, Payroll Admin, Applus

Pension Report


XCD HR Payroll software allows you to effortlessly manage all employee awards within a secure and transparent rewards system. Identify and deliver the right incentives and tracks . Plus, unlike other employee rewards and recognition software, XCD incorporates Payroll and performance management as a part of the employee rewards package.

With the right data, your employee rewards and recognition program can strike the right balance. Our performance management software enables you to accurately track and measure employees' performance levels, ensuring a transparent, fair and rewarding process.

XCD’s employee rewards tools outperform traditional integrated payroll systems in terms of simplicity, speed and reporting ability.

  • Manage all salary reviews from a single screen
  • Facilitate annual salary reviews by viewing previous performance ratings, salary increases, and total budget impact reports
  • Combine annual bonus awards with salary reviews via our HR payroll system

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More key features:

We strongly believe that we provide the best single solution HR and Payroll software available on the market today. Our comprehensive cloud payroll and HR solutions include the following must-have features:

  • Self-validating BACS processing
  • Third-party BACs payments
  • Court orders and student loan integration
  • Easy retrospective processing of compensation, pensions and other payments
  • Full audit trails
  • Flexible payroll periods
  • Multiple payrolls
  • Easy to manage time and attendance system
  • RTI submissions
  • All statutory calculations
  • Comprehensive payroll data and reports
  • Automated leave and pay calculations for irregular workers.

There's also an option to simplify your payroll processes further with fully managed or bureau payroll - visit our partners page to see which payroll service providers we work with.  

Payroll Reporting

XCD Payroll Software, powered by Salesforce

XCD is one of the fastest-growing online HR and Payroll software solutions worldwide, providing a customer-focused platform that is both efficient and easy to use.

For Salesforce customers, moving HR & Payroll onto the platform with XCD offers new levels of integration and collaboration between HR, Payroll, Finance, Marketing and Sales.

Find out more: The CTO case for HR & Payroll on Salesforce

Whether you have been looking at payroll clocking systems or require a comprehensive HR and payroll system, your search is over. Providing so much more than your average online payroll software, XCD was designed by HR and Payroll professionals and offers guaranteed security of personal data, and insights into employee performance that generate proven ROI.

Not to mention the fact that it can reduce your processing time by 50%!

A cloud payroll solution built on the world’s most popular business platform, Salesforce, XCD is one of the most sophisticated and secure cloud payroll services on the market. As a Payroll solution, it is immensely powerful, but alongside HR people analytics around performance and review, reporting and forecasting, XCD can be transformative.

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